Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Update

The week wasn't so bad at least until the end of the week.  That's when it decided to go "BOOM"!

Another Bites the Dust.....
And yet again, we have turnover in our office.  One of the newest employees has been offered a position that she just couldn't refuse.  I completely understand.  More flexible hours, a little bit more money, Friday afternoons off, and able to wear jeans or scrubs to work.  Awesome!!  Just really sucks because she was really good at her position.  She will be missed.  I better rest up!  This means more work for me!!!

And they keep falling...
This seemed to be the year for changes and for people to come and go in my life.  I guess that happens.  Each person serves a purpose and when it is time to move on, poof!!!  There they go.  I think that as a person I've grown a lot this year because with the latest departure of a friend, I'm not "devastated".  I am definitely learning to "roll with the punches."  Makes life much easier!!!  I worry enough as it is, don't need to worry more than is necessary!

The Return?
But as friends leave, others come to replace them.  Or rather swap out?  An acquaintance from the past has reached out to me.  Twice this month.  Indicating that a visit is coming at the end of the month.  I'm typically not a skeptic but I am not going to hold my breath.  I will believe it when it happens but I have to say, I'm looking forward to it and hope it happens.

There's also been a re-connection with friends with whom I've grown apart from.  We'll see how that goes.  Can't assume that it will be just as it always was in the past but it's nice to know that something is completely lost!

Classics and Zombies?
I was out Christmas shopping on Saturday morning.  I am terrible at trying to figure out what to get someone.  Especially if I don't know what they already have or what is on their list.  Anyway, I have a friend who doesn't really like horror or vampires or supernatural but she adores zombies.  Go figure.  Anyway, there is a book out "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies".  Yes, that is correct.  Zombies.  How perfect?  She loves Pride and Prejudice and add the additional element of zombies to it.  I hope she enjoys it.

Parker's Present
I finally finished Parker's present this weekend.  It is a scrapbook which I covered and added the Buzz Lightyear crossstitch to.  It's the first time I've ever finished a cross stitch project any other way but framed.

Saturday was a nasty day, weather-wise. But despite that, I went and had my hair colored and then treated myself to a manicure.  I went short with my  nails this time.  I can't tell you the last time I went short.  I feel naked! I also can't seem to pick up things now!  But it has made typing and stitching so much easier.  I did go trendy with the polish though.  I went super dark.  Not black.  I belive the color was OPI Black Cherry Chutney. 

I also bought myself a pair of new black boots.  I needed a pair with high heels.  Amazingly, they are quite comfy as I wore them to a Christmas party that night.

Now I must go and finish up the laundry and get ready for the upcoming week!  Besides work I have two parties to attend and a few gifts left to pick up.  Not to mention a trip to the post office!

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Carolyn NC said...

Hope work doesn't get too bad and they hire someone else who's a good worker. Yes, it does seem sometimes that seasons come and go with friends. Hoping for the best for you. Great finish on Buzz!