Monday, November 30, 2009

So relaxing....

I have had six days of NO work.  I didn't go anywhere. I had no plans. But it was such a relaxing time to be away from the stress of work.

On Wednesday, Mom and I went to New Orleans for an afternoon of shopping, dinner and then a LSU women's basketball game.  We had a blast.  We went to the Disney Store (we no longer have one in our town) where I bought some gifts for the kids and then bought myself a brand new Eeyore!  He is so soft and cuddly.  That's my favorite Disney character. We also visited Build-A-Bear where we picked up the Darth Vader costume for my nephew Parker's bear.  It is too cute!!!

Thursday was a quiet day.  Just my parents and I.  My sister, who lives in Austin, couldn't make it home because she works retail and had to work on Friday.  She slept in and went to her District Manager's house for dinner and then to Old Navy for some shopping.  Can you believe the number of stores that were open on Thanksgiving?  It is just plain ole ridiculous!!!

Friday, Black Friday, was another quiet day.  I did do a little bit of shopping.  I was able to get a present for my aunt since it has to be shipped. I also bought myself a few things.  I've been spoiling myself lately!  Watched the Auburn - Alabama football game.  Good game.  Too bad Alabama won.  I also put up my Christmas tree and other decorations.  Pulled out the stockings for Duke and me. Spent the evening watching tv by the glow of the Christmas lights.  So peaceful!  I love it!!!  Friday evening was spent stitching (yes! stitching finally!) and watching episodes 1-3 of The Tudors.

Saturday and Sunday were somewhat quiet days.  Spent the time cleaning the apartment and wrapping a few presents. The LSU - Arkansas football was a close call.  LSU ultimately won with a field goal in overtime but it was strangely very unsatisfying.  Even after a couple of glasses of wine!!!  Even the new uniforms were not very impressive.  Nike used Notre Dame gold for our helmets instead of the usual yellow gold.  Not very impressive.

I have no stitching update.  I was too busy having fun and relaxing and just doing nothing that I didn't make any significant progress on any of my projects!!!  :)  But that's ok!!!

Returned to work today.  It wasn't so bad.  But I do believe that I have an aversion to work.  I was completely fine my week of vacation but at 7 pm last night I came down with a terrible headache and then woke up this morning feeling nasty.  I think it is psychosomatic. LOL! 

Tonight is Monday Night Football!!!  Saints are going for an 11-0 record!  Can't wait!

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