Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some more random thoughts...

I have been having such a blast lately!  I wouldn't trade it for anything!  But there have been consequences!  Laundry is piling up!  Furniture is going undusted! Carpet is not being vaccuumed!  Recorded television shows are piling up!  Oh well!  As Scarlett always said "Tomorrow is another day!"

Social Networking Sites (this is completely my opinion and many may disagree)
Most people, these days, have either a Facebook profile or a MySpace page.  I have both (but have to admit, much prefer the Facebook profile!).  It always amazes me what people will put out there for EVERYONE to see!  I love my Facebook profile because it has allowed me to catch up with so many old friends and family who live far, far away but never has it crossed my mind to put on my profile anything that I wouldn't normally tell any of those people or post something "inappropriate" on someone else's profile.  I have seen other profiles with sexual references or scantily clad pictures.  How inappropriate is that?  Not only can the whole world see it, but some of these people have children and now their children have been exposed to this "behavior." Not to mention the ramifications it can cause in your professional life. I think that at times people have "brain farts" or perhaps they have no brain!?

Ok, enough of me grandstanding on my soap box......

Christmas is coming!  And as the HAED website has so graciously once again put up the countdown, we now know that it is about 51 days away!  And since I have been having so much fun, I am WAY BEHIND on getting my Christmas stitching done!  So my fingers have been flying as fast as they can the past few evenings!!!  To the point that I can literally say that I my blood is in the projects! LOL!  I've pricked my finger one time too many!

Who remembers from the 1980s the mini-series and tv show V?  About aliens who come down to Earth to co-exist "peacefully" with humans but actually looking to harvest us as food?  I do!  I was just a little kid but I remember watching it all. I'm not one for aliens but for some reason, the lizard alien people fascinated me! I have two questions: Who is going to watch the new pilot of V?  and Did the tv producers already run out of ideas that they are now having to re-make shows that didn't make it before?

Ok, these were just some random thoughts that have been rambling through my brain lately!  I promise that one of my goals this week is to put up progress pictures on the things I've been stitching/bleeding on!


Autumn said...

I have vague memories of the first V. I had nightmares of forked tongue lizard women. I watched the pilot last night. I enjoyed it. I'll probably keep watching it.

Carolyn NC said...

I've heard employers mention that on with potential employees, they'll check out their Facebook. Some may disagree with this practice, but evidently it does happen; I'm with you - better watch what you put out for the world to see you. Don't remember V at all; must have been having kids or something LOL

CindyMae said...

I do not remember the old V, but must say that I wish I would have known more about it. I was a little disappointed last night but will keep watching to see how it goes! I agree about the social networking. It is AMAZING to see what some people have the nerve to post on their profiles.