Monday, May 28, 2007

My Birthday

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday weekend.

On Friday, my mom and I went wandering through the French Quarter in New Orleans. We stopped and had lunch at Cafe Remoulade on Bourbon Street to enjoy some local cuisine. My mother indulged me by purchasing me some pralines (since I didn't have birthday cake) and also bought me a new bathing suit for my trip that weekend.

Friday evening I enjoyed dinner with Joy, Celestine and Melissa. We had great food, great margaritas and conversation that kept us laughing the whole dinner through. Oh yes, I did get some nice presents. Melissa paid for all my margaritas; Joy gave me a pretty print about friendship, cash (she didn't make it to the bookstore for a gift card), and paid for my dinner; and Celestine gave me the Christina Aguilera CD.

On Saturday morning, Joy, Celestine and I ventured off to the beach. After a few setbacks which included trying to find an air pump that actually worked and a very long breakfast at Burger King (they took forever!), we were on the road. It was such a great day! It was cloudless, sunny, a cool breeze blowing. We spent the entire day at the beach. It was so relaxing. When we first got there the water was a little chilly but warmed up by the afternoon.

That evening we went back to the cottage and we all showered and got dressed. We went to a local restaurant for some good seafood! We then came back to the cottage, got comfy, and drank wine and played UNO! I know, call us crazy!

Sunday morning, Celestine and I both awoke to pain! We had gotten sun burned! No beach that day! So instead Celestine and I started off the day with some blackberry picking while Joy got ready to pack up. We were both able to get a huge bag of blackberries which I am now baking into a pie! The rest of our day was spent shopping at the outlet mall in Gulfport!

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend! I even got an email from my friend Ron who is currently on a submarine wishing me a happy birthday! I am so incredibly relaxed, happy, and sun burned! LOL! But it was all worth it!

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