Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy Weekend

What a very busy weekend! But I wouldn’t do anything different, well, except one thing (see third paragraph)!

The weekend started Friday night with dinner at my friend’s home. She grilled steaks and made scalloped potatoes. We enjoyed our dinner with a few bottles of wine. One of those bottles was very unique in that it was in the shape of a very tall black cat. It was different and we were told it also comes in a pink cat for breast cancer awareness. Another one of my friends from work also called for me to come join her and her family for crawfish and beer but I was already committed to the first engagement so I missed out on that. :(

Saturday started off with breakfast with the girls and shopping. Of course when I have spare money to spend I can’t find a thing to buy! I then proceeded to spend the afternoon and into the evening babysitting. It was easy and it was difficult. I baby sat for a 3 year old boy who was an absolute angel and then his puppy. His puppy was a big dog who stood nearly as tall as me when he stood on his hind legs. This poor puppy was being kenneled because it had had an accident a few weeks ago where it had fallen out the back of the truck as it was moving. It had broken its back right leg and its jaw. It had pins holding those two places together. I had to feed the dog and then walk the dog. Normally, not a problem. But I was so afraid to hurt the dog and well, he was just excited to have someone new around and wanted to get out of the kennel. One: he peed on my leg (which really isn’t so terrible but quite GROSS!) and two: he started to jump around. I was petrified he would hurt himself again. I did manage to let him out for a small walk to do his business. But it was well worth it after the money I made!

Sunday morning started off very early with me vacuuming the car and then proceeding to the parents to wash my car. It’s all nice and clean now! When I got home I had an email from my friend in the navy! He was so sweet! He told me not to sweat anything going on in my life (that’s his favorite term “sweat”) and that everything will be fine! Then he told me he appreciated me taking time to email him daily and that he “adored” my friendship. I’ve never heard a man use that word but it made me laugh and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But then he ruined it by making fun of the fact that my college mascot died. He got a stern lecture about that! He did mention that he was coming to visit soon though and he can’t wait to see me! I feel the same way too! I then spent part of the afternoon on my balcony messing with my plants and cleaning the leaves and old flowers off of the balcony. Of course Sunday means laundry and I had laundry to do all day. I got most of it done! I did spend some time shopping and was able to purchase some new shirts with some birthday money that has already come in! Duke enjoyed my time spent out on my balcony. He is such a blonde and loves the sun! He lies right in it until he gets so overheated that he eventually begs to be brought inside.

It was just the type of weekend I like. Busy but productive! I do have some stuff I will have to do this week each day after work so I can be ready for my birthday trip, but it will be well worth it! I can’t wait!

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