Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mad Dash

Today was a mad dash for the finish line. Except none of us was ever really in the race! Today we got the email from the boss about bonus evaluations being done today or tomorrow. In order to get our bonuses we have to follow some guidelines. Basically meet with the boss periodically and maintain filing. Well, none of us do filing. We keep it done to a minimum but other than that we don't really follow policy. So today, after lunch, we all started to work on our filing. I think it is a hopeless cause in our office! We barely scratched the surface on the filing today and have maybe half a day tomorrow to work on it too! I'm not optimistic that I will earn that 2% of my bonus through filing.

Today was also my birthday lunch. It was just as I wanted it. Just my office mate and I. Every one is so busy and I didn't want a fuss so I asked her not to have any one else attend. We went and had mexican and she was so sweet and paid! I have the greatest teammate ever! Just this week alone she has brought me lunch (jambalaya on Tuesday) and some boiled shrimp for my dinner! Then to top it off she pays for lunch today. Great! This birthday week has definitely been going well! I can't wait for the main event this weekend!

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