Sunday, May 06, 2012

120 Days

It has been 120 days today since I started exercising and dieting. To date I have lost 17.5 pounds. Yay! It seems so little overall when you think of 120 days of work but it is about 4 pounds a month. I have another 17.5 pounds to go to my first goal weight.

My clothes are fitting so much better. Items I haven't worn in years now fit! And fit better!! It is like having a whole new wardrobe with out shopping!!

This weekend I spent doing spring cleaning. I have not finished but made a good start! 6 bags of trash. The bedroom was completely dusted cleaned most of my craft boxes out from under my bed, but not all. The balcony was completely cleaned and is now ready for entertaining. I have more to do and hope to get to it next weekend.

This week is already starting to be topsy turvy! I am scheduled to go on an overnight business trip on Monday but now it seems it might be turning into a 2 or 3 night stay!! Time to scramble for dog care!!! Plus pack enough clothes, just in case!!! Not to mention having my desk at the office covered. I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed.

Now I'm off to tackle my next task. I hope to post another update of Dragon Knot soon! Til then here are some pics of the flowers in my little garden on my balcony!


mdgtjulie said...

You have some beautiful flowers, especially the pink ones. And huge grats to you on your weight loss. That's awesome! I have a lot of trouble with my weight too. It sucks. (Exercise would help me, but I'm asthmatic so that really causes problems. Can't walk across a freaking parking lot!!) You're doing a great job though!

lesli said...

Wow...congratulations on your 17.5 pounds!!

I love being able to wear clothes that used to be too tight!