Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

It was my birthday weekend and it was full! 

Friday was my actual birthday.  It didn't go exactly the way I wanted it to go, but it was a fairly ok day.  I did go to Biloxi to the outlets.  Got some new jammies from the Disney Store, Eeyore ones (my favorite character).  And enjoyed a ride in my car, with the windows down and the music cranked.  That's always a good time and I actually did that a few times over the weekend as I shuttled back and forth from my friend Jenny's house.  I did get to speak to most of my favorite people on that day.  There were a few that were late and then there are some that are now on my naughty list because I didn't hear from them. 

But with my birthday not being exactly how I wanted, the rest of the weekend was pretty fun. In addition, I made some goals for myself for this summer. I want 37 to be a great year. I've already started that off by having already lost 21 pounds. I am headed toward my first goal of 35 pounds. I hope that by the end of the fall to actually reach that number. I am also going to get out more. I don't mean to like bars and such. That is just not my scene, any more. But out to the Lakes and parks, coffee houses, etc. Time to meet some new people!

Saturday was a full day!  After a very restless night where the insomnia was kicking it up badly, I started the day off pretty early going to Sam's with Jenny and her mom to get stuff for our BBQ later that day.  The highlight of the trip was Jenny and I looking over the steaks and asking each other which cut of meat was the best to grill but still cheap enough so Phil, her husband, wouldn't be upset that we bought too expensive of meat.  Yeah, the guy next to us was laughing so hard, he could barely choke out that anyting in that section woudl be fine for grilling. 

Then we went to the pool for a few hours with the kids.  I love, love, love, being in the water and sun.  It is the most relaxing thing ever!!! We also went to get sno balls afterwards.  Now that is always fun!!!

Sunday was a little calmer. Ok, not really. We left super early for a quick trip to New Orleans for a birthday party. It was at City Park's amusement park area at the Carousel. Jenny gets dizzy really easily so I was the lucky one who rode the carousel with lil Phil. I think I went around 7 straight times. I didn't walk too straight once I got off that Carousel!!

This was me after about the 5th time around.

I love this face!

After the birthday party we went to a local mexican restaurant in Metairie. I made the big mistake of going to the restroom at one point in the meal and ended up with the sombrero and a birthday flan. So of course Jenny had to take pictures and then proceeded to post them on facebook. Oh yay me!!! I had managed to go 37 years without ever having to be embarrassed in this way. I figure the picture is already up on facebook, why not my blog too?

Monday was a day of rest for me. Well, sort of. I did manage to stay around the house. I folded 2 weeks worth of laundry. Washed the dishes in the sink. Finished my laundry. Spent time with Duke (poor man, he's been so neglected and I am traveling at the end of the week. He is not going to be a happy camper). Made a quick trip to Walmart because Duke literally killed his monkey toy. He split the butt open for a 2nd time (I'd already sewed it up once) and there was stuffing all over the living room. I had to throw it away. So off to Walmart for a new one and a spare. I also stopped at Jo-Ann's. Did any one else go and hit the sale? DMC threads were on sale 3 for 99 cents. I now own all the colors through the 300s. Yay!!! Now to just put them all away! I went out to the Lakes for a walk in the middle of the afternoon because I thought it would be a great idea to go walking in the blazing sun, 93 degrees outside. I was restless and needed to do something! A late lunch with Dad and my day is over. Ok, yes, it is only 5:30 but I plan on vegging for the rest of the evening. I have a busy week ahead of me with lots to get done.

Happy Memorial Day!!! Thank you so much to those who are serving and who have served! You are much appreciated!

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mdgtjulie said...

Wow, lots going on in your world this weekend. Happy belated birthday (I think I wished you happy early birthday too, lol) and I love the sombrero pic. It's awesome!! All the pics are great. Glad to hear you had a fun weekend. And you got the chores done too. Fab!!