Sunday, May 13, 2012

Long Week!!!

Started the week off with a trip 2 hours down I-10. Worked a convention for 2 days at a casino. It was fun. The co-worker I was with is a very good friend and we hung out at the bar and casino afterwards and had some drinks and laughs!!!

At the Jack Daniels Bar enjoying some nachos after a long day!

First, Jenny lost her money.

Then I lost my money.

Then my 2 hour drive home turned into a 4 1/2 hour detour through little town Louisiana! An 18 wheeler overturned on the interstate, closing it in both directions! What did people do before cell phones? I got off at the first exit I could, pulled up google maps and began driving. I had a detour route to take, the problem was the traffic wasn't moving towards that detour. So I made my own detour to get to the detour. At least I kept moving! Even saw a rainbow.

Then it was 3 days in the office playing catch up. I have a convention in 3 weeks and I am so far behind!!! I spent those 3 days glued to the computer, barely coming up for air!!

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows opened this weekend. Yes, I just had to go see it!!! Love Johnny Depp! And I think he and Tim Burton make great movies. The movie was good. Not as corny as I thought it would be. Definitely not dark enough for my taste. And to be honest, I didn't like the ending. But I didn't feel like I wasted my time or money!!!

50 Shades of Grey

I've been getting questions about the book 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, I have read it. Read the entire trilogy. I was curious about it after seeing an article in People magazine about the book and then several other news sites. I wanted to know what the big deal was. There was no big deal. At least I didn't think so. In a nutshell, it is about sex. A dominant and his subordinate. I didn't really care for it. I read it, I'll probably never read it again. But if you are interested in that kinky sex stuff, let me recommend the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice. It is much better written and an actual story. Or Exit to Eden is a good choice too. Also written by Anne Rice.

Other Stuff

I am still in the hunt for the 20 pounds lost. I hope to obtain that goal by the end of the month. That one wish is within my control. I hope by working hard I can accomplish it because honestly my birthday is not turning out the way I wanted it.

I've been doing some spring cleaning, finally, around the apartment. Finally feeling like I'm in control at home!!! The mess was out of control!! Duke's toys were absolutely spread out everywhere!! But I feel that now I can finally have friends over again without being embarrassed! And now, I have more free time to have fun!

Because I was so industrious with my cleaning, I have been able to sit down and do some stitching.  I've made great progress on Dragon Knot.  I cannot wait to get this one done!!! It has been around for almost 5 years!  Time to be completed.

I am looking forward to the coming week.  Lots of work to be completed at work but also lots to be looking forward to starting next weekend! I hope everyone has a great week!


Claudette497 said...

You're so close to being done! Keep it up and you'll be finished soon! Congrats on the weight loss too!

Nancy M said...

I know how you feel, I'm 2 pages away on my Mystic. Yours looks great and you have worked very hard on it to get it this far! Good luck with the weight loss.

mdgtjulie said...

Dragon Knot looks great, and I'd bet you're in that place where it feels like it's taking forever to finish because you're so close. Keep up the good work!!! Grats on the weight loss, both so far, and in the future. I have a horrible time with it. I hope you reach your goal. Grats on getting the cleaning done. I'm due for a good clean here too. Hopefully, I'll have a good day soon. (Bad back and knees.) Glad you had fun at the casino. Those laughs with friends are priceless.