Monday, October 01, 2007

Old and New

I didn't quite as much done on my Amore project. Life just seemed to get in the way! LOL!
On Saturday, my friend Joy came over to watch the LSU game and since Amore is for her for Christmas, I couldn't work on it in front of her. So I started The Kiss. I didn't get much progress done. This is being done on 28 count. It is 2 over 2. This is my first time doing that and well, I already hit one snafoo but was able to pull the stitches and correct it pretty quickly!
It amazes me how different the colors look in the two photos from the original piece and even from each other!

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sugardoll said...

Amazing!! Amazing!! It wasn't very long ago that I did a switch from aida to evenweave & linen...hmm, may have already told you already. (sounds like a broken record) LOL

I love the fabric you are doing The Kiss on. It was one of my fave finishes. Great progress! Can't wait to see more!! woohoo!! \o/