Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Blues

Today was definitely a Monday. It was not the way that one would want to start the beginning of one's work week. Hopefully things were so bad today that it can only get better.

Started the morning off by getting an email from a managing partner that there was a company meeting at 8:30 am. Quite early in the morning. Most people aren't even there. Those who are in the office file into the traning room to find out that the HR Manager had passed away this weekend. She was quite young, only 46 or 47, so this was extremely sad.

I was supposed to be getting 18 binders ready to be shipped in the afternoon for a board meeting in Texas on Thursday. Of course my boss had not yet given me final approval for the contents because he hadn't looked at it. Even though he had had a sample binder since last Wednesday. Stressful? Just a little bit.

Around 10:15 this morning the power went out in the office. Followed by the fire alarm going off. So we all grabbed our purses (yes, I work with all women in my department, we just left our boss, the man)and headed down the stairs. See, we work on the 9th floor. There are 10 in the building. Needless to say it was a long way down and we got stopped at the 5th floor. Come to find out, a transformer had blown and caught on fire. For some reason, this had triggered the fire alarm even though it wasn't anywhere near our building. So after wasting between 30 to 45 minutes, we were allowed back in.

The rest of my afternoon was spent making copies, putting binders together and packing the boxes to be shipped. In between that, two co-workers, who are sisters, found out that a cousin had passed away. It seemed as though the bad news just didn't stop coming!

Because I am so paranoid about whether or not the packages will get to the board meeting in time, I took the boxes my self to the shipping company. Come to find out, that the boxes we had used aren't suggested and that the tape we used isn't either. The customer service rep was nice enough though to say that she would tape it up herself in the back and took them. Thank goodness I had taken them myself!

I'm just hoping that the rest of the day is quiet. Hopefully the week can only get better!

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