Sunday, August 05, 2007

Houston and new family

This weekend I took off for Houston. I hadn't been there since New Year's. It was a good visit. I brought Parker his birthday gifts. He will be five in a week and a half. I spent Friday afternoon playing Legos with him. He said he would have preferred we watch Nascar but since it wasn't on, playing Legos was the next best thing. LOL! My little man! How fast he is growing up!

Saturday we spent the day at Splashtown. We rode the waterslides, took a trip around the Lazy River, played in the wave pool and then went over to the kiddie area and played some more. It was a good day for water and sun! It actually did not rain! As can be seen by my very red face and back! But it felt good to be out there!

I came home Sunday. That was rough. The kids asked me to stay. To move over to Houston so that I could be closer. Their dad, my best friend, offered me a place to live and some assistance with bills while I tried to find a job. It is definitely something that I will have to consider!

My sister bought a new hamster today! My nephew, Louis. Why a hamster? I have no clue. She had one as a child but wasn't that attached to it. When I asked her why she got a pet, she said it was so she had something to look at and take care of. I told her I could have gotten her a video game for the computer that did the same thing! Anyway, here are some pictures of my new newphew and his comfy home:

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