Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend Plans

Weekend plans. I actually have those this weekend. Not just waiting around to see what is going to happen! No more waiting around to see if I am going to meet “him”. I actually have honest to goodness plans. Ok, mostly just plans for Saturday but that is enough as I need Sunday to recoup.

Saturday morning I am going to get up and head down town for the Farmer’s Market with Celestine. From there I am heading to lunch with my friends Joy and Sarah and Sarah’s baby Eden. After that we are off to one of the nearby parish’s bicentennial celebration to see Cowboy Mouth and Tracy Lawrence. Saturday is going to be packed! Hopefully Sunday I will be able to go out on my balcony and sit and relax. Maybe put out a few more plants out there.

Friday afternoon and evening will be for errands. Not very fun, but definitely needed! That is if my car actually starts. It has decided to give me some fits. Not cool when I just paid it off!

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