Sunday, April 15, 2007


My biggest fear, well next to failure, is rejection. But to me, those go hand in hand. I'm scared to wake up on Monday and know that I have been rejected because I didn't get a phone call. One simple phone call. I can either let it destroy me or I can let it make me stronger. But it's my choice.

It's been an ok weekend. Fairly quiet. Spending time reading out on my balcony while the dog chews on his bone (this is of course after the morning of terrible rain storms). Piddling around the apartment picking up the odd item because now that my apartment is clean I don't spend half of the weekend trying to push the mess around!

My biggest disappointment for the weekend was that the movie I was going to watch was unplayable on the DVD player. It kept skipping. What a bummer! So back it goes and hopefully I will get to watch it soon.

I'm perfectly ok during the daylight hours. It is when it is night time or early morning as I wake that I feel the saddest. The fact that I seem to have once again mistaken a jerk for a nice guy and that I have once again failed at a relationship or pseudo-relationship.

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