Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dinner parties and friends

Yesterday evening Bean came over to see my apartment and all that I had accomplished with it. We also had a nice meal and some good conversation. I miss that. I miss entertaining my friends. When it is one on one like that it is quite easy to do. I think it is when there are more than one that I start to freak out. Well, not freak out, just start thinking of all the clean up associated with having a dinner party. And I can just invite Bean over and not worry that I am hurting anyone else’s feelings because she has no one joined at her hip.

I owed Bean at least a dinner. She has been there while I moan and groan over the “Jim” situation. She has allowed me to express my feelings about the situation and she has not once made light of the feelings. Nor has she just blatantly told me that I am crazy (yes, we all know this is true!). She has just been a good friend.

This morning when I received no phone call again, I thought back to what she said and what Ron has been saying. To just let it go. Let him go. It isn’t meant to be obviously. If he shuts down now, why would I want to be with someone like that (I hope that if I keep repeating this I will actually believe it!)? So, as much as my fingers itched to dial, they didn’t. I kept them to myself. I didn’t even send an email.

But back to the dinner and good conversation. It was quite a pleasant way to spend the evening discussing decorating and organization. It’s good to pull someone else in and hear their opinions. I think we need to do this more. But one drawback is that Bean is allergic to my cat so she can’t be at my place for very long. We’ll figure something out. Maybe soon I will have some patio furniture and I can entertain her on my balcony?

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randommoments said...

Aww *tear* What a sweet and funny post. I really enjoyed last night too! I am going to take an allergy pill before next visit. hee hee!

Next dinner is on me!