Monday, December 12, 2011

How many days left til Christmas?

Ok, I seriously don't want to know the answer to that.  I am panicking enough as it is with the very quickly dwindling work days left in December!  I have so much to do and currently no help to get any of it done!  My to do list started with 27 items on it this morning.  When I left at the end of the day it was up to 29 items!  And I had crossed off some things!  I am seriously hoping to have that down to  manageable 10 items by the end of the week!  We shall see though.  Wednesday is evaluation day in our office.  I am first thing in the morning at 8:30 am.  Who will come out of it alive?  :)

Another packed weekend.  Hair appointments, shopping, cleaning, laundry.  Yikes! How will I ever get it all done?  Well, if I'm not home, I get really very little done.  I know.  But I hate to miss out of the fun stuff!  Like Sunday afternoons at my friend Jenny's house; having chili for lunch, watching the Saints football game and playing with the 2 boys.  Those boys would exhaust anyone!  I came straight home and put my pjs on and remained camped on the couch for the rest of the night!!  But we had fun!

 Phil making gift bags for the grandmothers and aunts/uncles. These were made by sticking those foam sticker pieces onto plain ole brown paper gift bags.  But I have to say, if those foam sticker pieces are non-toxic, they sure did stink!  We felt like we were getting high off of them!!

 Enjoying his Christmas red Oreo.  Not the best idea in the middle of a project.  Definitely had to wash the hands after having this one!

Santa picture frame ornaments.  These were made for Phil's class.  Pictures of the class will be added to each one.  Cute idea.

Christmas is fast approcahing!  Dinners, pot lucks, family, friends.  All soon to be descending upon me!  Sigh!  I must find some stress management and soon!  I did recently buy a bottle of the SkinnyGirl White Cranberry Cosmopolitan.  May be cracking that open as my "stress management" very soon!

Plus it is starting to not feel Christmassy again because the weather has decided to heat up again.  We are slowly climbing back into the 70s.  I know we don't get snow, but at least with the temps in the 50s it felt a little closer to being the holidays and not summertime!

But seriously, I am very much looking forward to what the upcoming next 2 weeks are going to bring. I see a lot of love, laughter and fun!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season!

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