Monday, March 28, 2011

Job Search Tips

Kathryn left a comment in my last post asking me where I was finding these jobs as she has not been successful yet.  Well Kathryn, it wasn't easy and I put a lot of time into the search.  The key to it though is to not get discouraged!  I know, easier said than done

The first resource I used was the local classified ads.  Most specifically the Sunday edition of the newspaper.  This is typically the largest listing of available jobs each week. 

Second, I made a list of local colleges and big companies that I knew of in my area.  Most of them have websites that have a "career" section.  I "haunted" these websites at least every other day.  You'll start to notice a trend though on each website as to which day they post jobs.  One of our local universities lists jobs typically on Friday mornings.  So I'd look at it Friday afternoon.

Third, I used a job board.  CareerBuilder was a great one.  I posted my resume on it and set up searches that deliver available jobs to your email.  In addition, you can set your resume to be searchable by employers and give them permission to contact you directly.  One of the offers I received was actually off of CareerBuilder.  A headhunter saw my resume and sent it along to a company that was hiring.  I also received phone calls and emails asking for interviews for positions that I didn't even apply for!

Fourth, apply at your local temp agency.  Most temp agencies today are not just for temporary work.  They also assist with direct hire.  But you never know too when that temporary job may turn into a full time position!

Fifth, never burn your bridges!  I left my last position on very good terms and when they had an opening come available, they offered it to me. In addition, my old boss also gave me great references for positions that I was applying to. 

I recently heard a "fact" on the radio, for every 10 of thousand dollars you are seeking in salary, that is how many months it will take you to find a job.  For example, if you are seeking a salary of $60,000 it will take you 6 months to find a job for that much.  It was true in my case.  It took me 4 months to find a job. 

While searching for a job, keep in mind: 1) Can I do this job?, 2) Will I be happy?  and 3) Will it pay my bills?  Those are important things.  Keep searching.  The job market is turning around, or at least the news sources are saying it is.  I would agree somewhat.  I've noticed an increase in the number of jobs available. 

It is a frustrating process but a necessary one.  Keep at it.  View each interview as "practice".  When I finally got my offers, they all came in at once!  Here I was hoping for just one and I received two!

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