Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekends are too short!!!

I think we need to petition the "job gods" that the work week be 2 days and the weekend be 5 days!  This weekend was another weekend that I didn't want to end!

It was another gorgeous spring weekend!  Warm temps and lots of sun!  Spent as much time outside as possible.  Took Duke out to the new dog park where he proceeded to make new friends.  Or at least that's the story I am sticking to!!!  My perfect baby acted like a monster!  He seemed to be "attracted" to a cute little shih tzu and well, he let her know it.  Over and over and over again!  It was quite the embarrassment for me!  Thankfully the owner of the dog had a good sense of humor!  When we weren't at the dog park, Duke spent time out on the patio sunning himself.

I got to see Stacy and Marly Grace for a brief visit on their way home from their cruise.  We had a yummy lunch at Chimes and I got to open my souvenir from Mexico.  This pretty tile that my sweet pea Marly picked out for me.

I've also been steadily working on Cassady's baby quilt. I think I am making great progress. 

The entire quilt.  As you can see I have Jill, the spoon and the plate to finish along with the flowers in the border.

Jack is finished!

Almost finished with the Goose!

I may actually get the quilt done in time.  MAYBE

On the job front, well, it has taken a life of its own!  I have been praying for guidance.  What is the career path I should be on.  I went back for a 2nd interview with a really great company in the next town over.  They spoke of a possible 3rd interview, which I agreed to if necessary.  I've heard from 2 people on my reference list who said that the company has contacted them. Yay!  Shows they are interested in me!  BUT, then, today, I find out that an opening has come available at my old place of employment.  My old boss called me today to talk about it and if I'd be interested.  I said Yes.  Yep, I am crazy.  But I miss the work, I said I wanted more pay and well, who knows?  I can't turn away opportunities waiting on other opportunities.  I am confident (or at least pretending to be) that the right choice will become apparent to me!

Dancing with the Stars starts tonight.  There are many "stars" that I do not know but then there are some that I can't wait to see dance, particularly Kirstie Alley and Kendra.  I like my "reality" tv!!  :) 

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