Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busy busy busy

I have been so busy lately!  So busy that somehow I lost a day this week!  Everything is like a blur!

On Saturday I started the new old job.  Attended a board meeting at a University in Lafayette.  Quite a different atmosphere at this university.  Ok, yes, I'm a snob.  No school, at least in Louisiana, can even come close to LSU!!!!  Geaux Tigers!  Ok, I digress.  Back on track!  Started back at the old job on Saturday.  A 9 hour day on a weekend.  Woo hoo!  Monday was back in the office.  I can't really say I am training because I am quite familiar with the policies and procedures but just learning, or trying to, the quirks of the 2 associations I will be managing.  However, this week was conference preparation for one of the two that I am taking over so I am having a crash course in their conference prep.  I am exhausted!  It has been 8 solid hours of non-stop work!  But it definitely makes the days go by fast!  Tomorrow, Friday, I am off to the convention, once again in Lafayette.  Yay!  Overtime!  In one week, I should make what I normally would make in two weeks. 

The overtime check will then lead into the next topic of conversation:  a new purse or new sunglasses.  I'm not sure which one I will get first but I am in need of both!!!!  However, Coach is currently having a 30% off sale at their outlet store and I do love my Coach purses!  But then, my sunglasses are almost 2 years old and getting scratched up.  Oh, the dilemma!  What do I get first?

Then there is Jazz Fest at the end of the month.  I can't wait to see Bon Jovi in concert.  I have to admit, after all these years living down here, this will be my first Jazz Fest.  I am excited to go and check it out! Besides the music, there is of course the great New Orleans food and drinks!

I just have to mention the great disappointment when I found out today that BOTH All My Children and One Life to Live have been cancelled.  My sister was in tears.  My friend Jenny was in disbelief.  My mom thought it was a joke. They are to be replaced by two shows called "The Chew" and "The Revolution" (I think that is the second one's name).  I am so tired of "reality" and talk shows.  I like my trashy day time tv!  I guess I will just have to read more books! (I tape the soap operas and watch them at night)

Speaking of books, I just finished Yasmine Galenorn's Blood Wyne.  It is the latest book in her OtherWorld Series.  As I was reading the book, I was noticing references to events that had happened in the previous book.  I couldn't recall any of them.  So I looked up the previous book.  Yep, I had skipped one.  So I've finished Blood Wyne and I am taking with me to the convention, Harvest Hunting. 

Very little stitching has been getting done.  I plan on taking a project with me to the convention and maybe I'll get some thing done since I'll have two nights in the hotel.  After 12+ hour days, I won't feel like "going out". 

I hope that next time I get a moment to blog, I'll have some pictures to share of something, anything that is creative and/or fun!


Carolyn NC said...

You sound super busy!

mdgtjulie said...

Hi there. I'm new to you, so I wanted to introduce myself (sort of). I'm Julie and I found your blog through Nancy M's blog. I'm a little crazy too, so we have that in common, lol. Sounds like you have been busy. Enjoy your shopping!!