Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Great! Monday Crap!

After a beautiful spring weekend, one would think that Monday would be full of promise of nothing but good things!  Nope!  That would be a great big, fat, NOPE!!!  I don't know why but Monday is really getting on my nerves today!  I wasn't the only one.  This was also confirmed by my friend, Jill!

But before we go on more with how crappy Monday (or all Mondays) is, let us talk about the weekend!

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Temperatures were in the 70s, blue skies, breezy, sun shining all over the place!  It was absolutely a glorious weekend after the crappy winter weather we have been having.  (I am so sorry for all those who are still suffering with the snow storms!) Even today, Monday, even though crappy, is a nice day.  A tad bit on the windy side but still temperatures in the 70s and mostly sunny skies!

I was able to get out on my patio and start some cleaning.  I cleaned off my patio chairs (they were extremely green!) and was able to cut off the dead parts of plants and start assessing what is dead and what may come back.

Let's talk baseball!  Yep, it is officially college baseball season!  And as you can tell, we had perfect weather for it!  The LSU Tigers started off by sweeping Wake Forest this weekend!  I'm hoping that this is a good sign for the season!  The goal, the only goal, is to make it to Omaha.  To play in the new stadium!  Mikie Mahtook had a great weekend starting the season off with 4 homeruns after they said that probably wouldn't happen as there are new bats in play now that aren't conducive to "gorilla ball". I didn't get to attend any of the games as they were all sold out but the first game was on TV and all the games are broadcasted over the radio. 

This weekend the first parades of Mardi Gras rolled.  There was one here in town on Saturday night.  Jill and I went with our daiquiris and watched it.  It was a great night weatherwise.  I've been to this parade before and it just seemed really short this year.  It is always highly entertaining to see the dance troupes that participate in the parades and the high school bands can be entertaining too!  And of course, people watching!

I am really hoping that the nice weather hangs on through Mardi Gras and that I get the chance to go to New Orleans for at least a day/night!

I have been working on Cassady Hope's baby blanket a little bit each day.  I am almost done with all the satin stitching of the border!  It isn't hard, just tedious.  I can't tell you how many times I have poked myself with the needle!  I've actually drawn blood at times!  I'm not normally that clumsy when stitching!

I've also picked up HAED's Dragon Knot 2!  It is slow going but I feel confident that I just might finally finish this one this year.  That would be so nice!

I finished kitting up the "Night" Butterfly fairy that I am going to do for my sister this year.  Or well, I started the kit part.  There are some threads that I just didn't have in my stash so off to Michael's for those!  Works out too because there was a 20% off your entire purchase coupon in Sunday's paper for Michael's!

No pictures this post!  I waited too long and it got dark before I took the pictures.  Hopefully next post I'll have some good progress pics and a picture of the new start!

First off, I did not want to get out of bed this morning!  Had a hard time going to sleep last night after such a great weekend.  I didn't want it to end!  Then I was dealing with vendors at work and a broken copier/printer amongst other things! (Yes, I am still looking for another job.  I read an interesting "fact" or "opinion", that for every $10,000 in salary you are seeking, you will have to search that many months for a job.  So if you are looking for $50,000 job then you will have to search for 5 months!)  I was just overall cranky!  The trip to Michaels helped lift my spirits a bit as I picked up the remaining materials for the next project that I want to do for my sister and some scrapbook materials to scrap some pictures of my nieces and nephew!  I'm looking forward to working on that next weekend.  Came home and worked out which also helped with my frustration levels and then I worked on the baby quilt and Dragon Knot.  So I am ending the day on a high even though a majority of the day was quite low! Here's to hoping that the next 4 days of work go by quickly and smoothly! (Hopefully I didn't jinx myself!)


Carolyn NC said...

Well, at least the weekend was nice!

Katrien said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on Dragon Knot, and the start of the Night Butterfly, I have that one in a kit :)