Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day
Hope that everyone had a nice day!  Whether you celebrated/recognized the day as Valentine's Day or not.  It was a pretty spring day here in South Louisiana, although I didn't really get to enjoy it as I had to work.  But I did get some Valentine's goodies!  My parents gave me flowers and my favorite, chocolate covered cherries.  Then my boss gave me some chocolate covered cherries and some chocolate liqueurs.  So, it turned out to be an ok day.  LOL Today is also my parents' 36th wedding anniversary.  Can't believe they have been married that long (my mom says it surprises her too! lol)!!

Busy Weekend
It was a beautiful spring weekend.  The sun was shining all weekend and the temperatures warmed up!  I'm just hoping it stays like this through next weekend when the Mardi Gras parades start!  I even pulled up some of the dead plants out on my patio and started re-planting.  My dad gave me a bulb that will grown into an elephant ear.  We'll see if I kill that one or not!!

Lots of projects
I guess the beautiful weather had me feeling so good that I worked on a bunch of projects! 

I FINALLY scrapped the photos from my vacation in August with Jill.  Two pages worth!  It came out cute. I am a very amateur scrapbooker.  My layouts are very simple but I like them none the less! I hope that with Mardi Gras I will have a few more pages to scrap!  Those are the most fun!

I pulled out a couple of different cross stitch projects to work on and even kitted up and started a new one!

I worked on Cassady Hope's baby quilt.  I'm just working at the satin stitches in the border.  I should be done with this project but I've avoided it.  As I've avoided Brendan's baby quilt too.  So I am determined to work on this project a teeny tiny bit each day!

I worked on Dragon Knot 2 (not a lot, but I did pick it up again). The 3rd vertical black line is what I worked on last night for a tiny bit.

I worked, and have spent the majority of my time on, Mirabilia's The Kiss:

I kitted up and started a new one for Cassady Hope, Snow White!  The first one I ever did for her older sister was a portrait of Snow White so now I am doing this one for her.  You can see the basket and part of her skirt forming:

Today, as a treat for myself, I bought some new fabric (had a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby) to start another new project for my sister (How is this a treat for myself if I am buying it for a project for my sister?).  This is from a booklet containing two patterns for Butterfly Fairies.  One is day and one is night.  I 've completed the day one for her MANY MANY years ago and I'm going to do the night one for her to match.  I hope to have it completed for Christmas or her birthday next year.


Nancy M said...

Lots of nice stitching going on! I follow a blog of someone doing the butterfly fairy.

Emily in NC said...

The new Snow White looks good already, can't wait to see more. Have fun with the other new start as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice starts to your WIPs.


Shelleen said...

I love the butterfly fairies charts and can't wait to see your progress.