Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Oh My!

I often times sit back and think, "What have I been doing that has me so busy?"  I feel that I am busy but yet I don't feel like I am when I reflect back upon my actions.  I go to work.  I take care of my dog.  I do chores around the apartment.  I have my hobbies.  I spend time with my family and friends.  But is that really accomplishing anything?

I guess I'm just a little frustrated these days.  I am continuing with my job search, with my fingers crossed that my current job will be able to continue paying me and employing me until I can find something else.  I send out resumes every week and occasionally I get a nibble on one.  But so far no offers have been forth coming.  I get a lot of "You were our second choice."  Yay me!  I'm second best.  I need to figure out what will put on top for one of these jobs! Without great exaggerations, lying or misrepresentation of facts!

This weather has been crazy!  While we aren't getting the snow that the rest of the country has been getting, it has been grey, cold, and rainy for far too long!  I know that not seeing the sun really affects my mood!  I like the bright sunshine!  It makes things seem so much easier to cope with! For the second time in less than a week we have a "winter storm" warning.  What exactly does that mean?  For us it means very little.  Last week's winter storm was a bust.  There was a little bit of frozen rain but other than that there was no big ice storm.  Now tonight they are once again predicting frozen rain and maybe snow.  Sometimes I feel like I've fallen into an alternate reality!

My poor sister has had a rough year.  As many of you readers know, she broke her foot last summer and has been dealing with that.  She recently had surgery again to have a screw removed that was causing her a lot of pain.  Thankfully, many, including my sister, can see a difference.  My sister says the pain is gone and others say she is walking "close" to normal.  But as she seems to overcome one obstacle, another slams into her.  The other night she called me in tears because someone she trusted with her secrets blabbed them to all to have attention directed away from himself.  Typical male.  I recently went through that myself with my ex-friend Ronnie.  I can handle it.  My sister, however, is so close to her breaking point with what she can handle.  All I could do was sit and listen to her and tell her that all will be well and that I have her back.  I'm over 8 hours away, I can't swoop in and fix it like I used to do.  That is frustrating to me.  One of things my Dad instilled in me from the day my sister was born was that I was to always protect my sister.  I take that very seriously.  She's my  little sister and I want to see her happy.  These past few months have been tough.  I hope that for her sake (and my sanity) that there are some good things coming her way soon!

 I'm hoping that I get to make it out to some Mardi Gras parades this year.  There is nothing like spending time "people watching."  It really is great fun!  I don't really catch many things unless it is thrown directly at my head, then it is self-preservation that kicks in.  I just like to go and see the pretty/weird/strange costumes and floats and the things that people will do for plastic beads! We also have a doggie mardi gras parade.  That is also fun to see!  The costumes and floats that people make for their dogs!  Wow!   I've been a participant in it, with Duke, a few times, but I think that this year, if the weather is permitting, I think we will go down and just be a spectator.

Sorry for the rant but I just needed to get some things out of my head!!!  Bottling it up doesn't help at all!

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