Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hodge Podge

I must have a lot of emotions that I still have bottled up.  The problem is, I don't know what they are in relation to.  The past two nights I have been awakened by nightmares.  Tuesday night, after only being asleep for about an hour, I woke up beating the bed with my hand and screaming, "Someone is in here."  I swore that I saw a shadow.  Yep, I'm loca!!!  Poor Duke was staring at me like I was a mad woman.  I even got up to check if the chain was still on the front door.  It was.  I have no clue what spawned that nightmare but it had me jittery all night long and I did not sleep well!

Last night I had dreams about my ex-fiance.  It has been years since I've seen him.  Probably close to 10 years.  I have never run into him or his family members. I have no reason to even think of him.  I was dreaming about our time when we lived together.  Now, nothing terrible ever happened but I consider it a nightmare cause he was not someone who made me happy.

So for two nights, I've been having these dreams.  No, I haven't been watching any  horror movies.  The last one I watched was Saturday night and that was about a werewolf!!!  Nor have I watched any "scary" tv shows or read any "scary" books.  I do not know what is triggering these images.  But I hope they go away soon!

Did anyone see yesterday's episode of Oprah?  It was the soap opera actor extravaganza!  It was so interesting.  Susan Lucci is 64 years old!  Wow!  She looks pretty darned good!  If we could all look that good at that age!  The show also had the 8 actors who played her husbands over the years on the show.  Wow, some of them have NOT aged well. Genie Francis and Anthony Geary were also on the show.  For those who don't know them they were/are Luke & Laura from General Hospital.  Their wedding was the number 1 show ever in daytime history.  That was in 1981.  I was 6 years old.  I remember that wedding!  Found out that Anthony Geary had an affair with Elizabeth Taylor, who was on General Hospital several times, for several years.  Also, the actress who plays Catherine Chancellor on Young & The Restless was on.  She is 82 years old.  She is the first actress to have her face lift televised on tv.  There were a lot of interesting random facts on the show.  Catch a re-run if you can!

American Idol
Who has been watching this season of AI?  I haven't really watched in years but I decided to see what the new judges would be like. I am so enjoying the quips by Steven Tyler.  He is a hoot!  The best line of last night was "Did you hit your head on something on your way in here?"

I like the fact that they are focusing more on the best singers than the really terrible ones.  I always thought that was cruel to showcase the bad singers!  And the stories behind some of the singers have been really rather poignant.  I might watch the season through!

Today the sun came out.  I saw a few snow flurries but they were itty bitty little flakes.  Nothing stuck to the ground.  But I will say, I am sick and tired of this cold weather.  I want no more rainy, cold, grey days.  I'm done.  It is time for spring to come.  The first LSU baseball series is next weekend. There is also a parade next Saturday.  I don't want to be all bundled up attending either event. I am tired of layering clothes on!!!! I realize that I don't have it as bad as my friends who live up North.  And for that I am thankful!

So, my youngest niece, Cassady Hope, is coming up on her 2nd birthday.  Her older sister, Marly Grace, LOVED Disney Princesses.  So I did several cross stitch pieces for her of the princesses.  She has Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.  I don't want to do the same things for Cassady Hope.  She has no ONE interest like Marly so I'm not sure what to do.  Any suggestions?  I'd like to start a series of pictures for her for her room.  I'm just stumped because I haven't seen any books of patterns that interest me!


Carolyn NC said...

Hope your nightmares stop soon. And I feel the way you do about AI. Never watched much except at the end, but I'm enjoying the judges and the show so far this year, too!

Claudette497 said...

Hope the nightmares calm down. Maybe for your niece you could do animals - a butterfly or dog or whatever she likes now, and then if she decides she likes horses or peacocks or something else later, it's still the same theme? Or if you want to stay Disney, there's a lot of Winnie the Pooh and Micky/Minnie designs. HTH. You're a good aunt, so you'll think of something.