Friday, September 03, 2010

Bring it on.....

I can't begin to describe the joy I was feeling last night as SEC football kicked off with South Carolina playing Southern Miss.  The return on SEC football!!!  Been dreaming of it since LSU played their last game on January 1.  One more day and the Tigers will be playing!!!

I did my grocery shopping today, thankfully.  It was already a zoo!  I can't even imagine what the stores will be like on Game Day.  But I am totally ready.  I have my beer, mango run, chips, dip, makings for taco soup.  I am READY!!!!  It will be football Saturday for me!!!  Football will be the only thing on my tv on Saturday! I may do some things around the apartment, but other than that I will be soaking up SEC football which I have dearly missed!  The day will start with  Game Day on ESPN.  It is being broadcast from Atlanta which is where LSU is playing tomorrow's game. Then I will watch one of the many games that are on tv up until 7 pm which will then start the LSU game!!!!!

I have been paying attention to all the stories that are coming out about our opponent, the Tarheels. At last count, the Tarheels would be down 15 players, 6 ruled ineligible by the NCAA, 6 suspended by the school and 3 that weren't allowed to make the trip because they are still being investigated. Gotta love NCAA violations!!! If we can't win against a team that is down 15 players, 8-9 of them starters, then we are going to have some serious PROBLEMS!!!

Yes, I bleed purple and gold. But I'm not any more obsessive about it than the next person down here in south Louisiana. I was just raised right.  A GRITS (girl raised in Tiger Stadium). I wonder what shirt I will wear tomorrow?  Yes, of course it will be a LSU shirt but will it be white, purple, grey, or gold?  So many choices! 

Life is good!  :)

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