Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm just a little late in this post.  Been busy!! Have lots of good things that I am preparing for in 2011 and well, the preparations must begin now!!! The only reason I am sitting down to write now is because I am avoiding another writing project that I've been requested to do by my Aunt for my Cousin.  Get into that one later.


LSU's first game was last weekend.  Yep, it was a win.  A really, really, really ugly win.  Truthfully, we should have lost.  North Carolina may not have been the better team but they wanted it more and it was evident by their play on the field!!  I have a feeling that it is going to be a really long season.

The Saints first game was Thursday night.  No one can say that Louisianians do not know how to give a party!!!  A parade.  A concert with Dave Matthews Band and Taylor Swift. All day national television coverage of the activities going on around New Orleans. It was quite the event. 

The game went as I thought it would.  Saints win but the Vikings hung in there and made it an interesting game.  Although, and this is just MY opinion, Favre really needs to retire.  He looked so old!!!!  Either he needs to retire or he needs to practice some more with the team.  Their passing game was terrible!!!

It's Football Saturday here for me!  I am enjoying the day with some really good games.  Currently South Carolina and Georgia are battling it out then I'll flip it to the Florida and South Florida game to see who wins that.  Next up will then be Notre Dame and Michigan which will then lead into tonight's LSU and Vandy game!!!  Woo hoo!!!  Unfortunately though Alabama and Penn State play at the same time as LSU so there will be a lot of channel flipping tonight!!

Does it sound like I am parked on the couch in front of the tv?  LOL I bet it does.  But I'm not.  I've been cleaning.  My mother found all of my old cabbage patch dolls and I spent some time washing the baby clothes and cleaning the dolls.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them but they are now acceptable to be "out in public" again.  Since I was cleaning those, I decided to clean up my porcelain dolls that I have.  That has kept me busy most of the afternoon. 

I should be writing an inspirational letter to my younger cousin, Will.  His mother asked me along with a bunch of other family members to write an inspirational/encouragement letter to Will to read at his junior year retreat.  What does one write?  I feel like I have writer's block!!!  The other sad thing is that because he lives in Omaha, I haven't had much interaction with him.  Not to mention the 18 year age difference.  I'm hoping to be inspired soon!  Wish me luck!

Ok, enough for now.  Must watch some football.  Catch up on the scores.  I should have some good update pictures on some stitching progress by the end of the weekend!

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