Monday, September 13, 2010

A Stitchy Update

I promised a stitching update and here it is!  But I am going to lead with a picture of my cute baby niece.  Today was her first day at "school" and from what I was told, after this picture, it was all down hill for her!  It was her first time to be away from Momma!  But isn't she a cutie?!!!  Love her to pieces!

Ok, now on to stitching.  I'll start with the Mary Engelbright quilt, which is for my niece Cassady pictured above!  It is slow going on it.  Not because I don't want to finish it, I just find stamped cross stitch so incredibly tedious.  I have no patience for it what so ever!  But I do try to pick it up occassionally and do some work on it. 

The part that has been completed thus far.

Close up of the area I am currently working on.  I hope to finish Mother Goose in the next 2 to 3 "sittings".  But of course,  I have to pick it back up again!!!  Looking for some motivation, other than that deadline of Christmas looming over me!! 

Next, my "traveling" piece.  This HAED I typically keep in my travel bag.  But I had such great comments on it that I pulled it out over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend and worked on it.  I am stitching it 2 over 1 instead of my usual 1 over 1.  It gives it more of a "tapestry" feel.  The jury is still out on which I prefer.  Doing it 2 over 1 is definitely more work as it gets difficult to put the needle through.  By the way, I am doing it on 25 count Lugana. 


After working on it over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend

Keeping my fingers crossed, I hope to have a finish this week!  If I do, I will update the ole blog with a pic!

Have a good week!


htimcj said...

Your niece is so cute. She'll get used to going to soon before you know it. It can be tough at first.
Your stitching looks great. I have to agree about stamped cross though. I have done it once and really didn't like it.

Meari said...

Your niece is a doll. How old is she? Is it pre-school or daycare?

Your WIPs look great. Better hurry on the quilt for your niece. Soon she'll be too old for it, lol. ;-)

Carolyn NC said...

What a cutie pie! Nice progress on both projects!

Blu said...

Your niece is adorable!
Great stitching on your WIPs