Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July Weekend

It was great to have an extended weekend!  Although I am not one for big events or parties, I still enjoyed my time off and the holiday.

The weekend started on Friday with the movie Eclipse!!!  Of the movies that have been released so far for this series, Twilight, I bleive that this has been the best one.  The actors seemed to be more "natural" (I'm not talking Oscar caliber, just better), the lighting, the makeup, everything about it seems to finally have been tweaked to perfection. Looking forward to seeing how they do the last book into 2 movies. 

Also saw the Harry Potter trailer on the big screen!  Can not wait for that!!!  My co-worker and I already have plans to go see that on November 19th!!!  Then the final installment in July 2011!!!  I know, I can be such a nerd at times!

Spent Saturday with my sister.  We had lunch at a great italian restaurant and then we went shopping.  Not too many shops though.  She was on her crutches, and while she can now put a little bit of weight on her foot, it still wears her out.  We went to Apple to check out the new iPhone.  Sis was scoping it out for her company as she works for a rival cell phone company.  Then off to Sephora where my sister spent an hour just looking at things.  I'm not that into make up but whatever makes Sis happy.  Then we went to Mango's where we got some mango daiquiris (yummy).  Then dinner with the parents.  Mexican.  Need I say more? 

In my opinion, any day that you start off by putting on a bathing suit is a good day!!!  Sunday, Independence Day, started that way.  After making some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I headed out to the pool.  I love going to the pool in the morning because there are no kids around.  Not that I don't like kids, but I love the peace and quiet of laying out by the pool.  And for a change, the water was actually cold in the pool so it was nice and refreshing when one got in!!!

The afternoon of the 4th was spent with mi familia.  Little sister was having a mini-crisis and was begging me to come over.  So off I went with a six pack of Bud with lime and Duke.  :)  Good times.  We spent the afternoon relaxing, drinking and chatting.  Enjoyed a great dinner my dad prepared for us.  Then proceeded to paint my sister's toe nails.  Yes, I spoil and indulge her a lot. But it isn't often she is home for me to do that. 

We also said our goodbyes. My mom is bringing my sister home to Austin.  She has a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  She is hoping they give her clearance to start trying to drive and then she can get back to work.  She is begging to get back to work.  But I think she just wants to be in her own home again.  Which I can't really blame her.  Also, the quicker she can start driving again, the sooner my mom will come home. 

It was actually very quiet in my apartment complex this holiday weekend.  Many people must have gone away.  There was no one at the pool over the weekend and very few "get togethers".  And since fireworks are illegal in our parish, it was VERY quiet once it got dark enough to do fireworks.  I heard a few "pops" but nothing very loud and Duke never once whined or barked. 

Monday has been spent cleaning and doing laundry!!!  Getting ready for the new, short work week!  Hope to get a lot done this week.  The boss is on his annual vacation so I hope to make some progress on cleaning off the desk!  Fingers crossed!!!  Thankfully it rained most of the day so the pool wasn't calling my name too loudly to come play instead of clean.  Really shouldn't go out in the sun today anyway as I can feel the "heat" coming off my back where I got a "touch" of sun yesterday!  :)

I did do some stitching.  I hope to have a finish to show very soon.  And some progress on Dragon Knot.  It is coming along nicely.  Just might get it finished this year.  Which is good, I am itching to start a new BIG project but feel guilty doing so when I have so many others that are "in progress". 

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  Looking forward to seeing Box play at French Quarter Daiquiries on Friday night!!!  Good friends, good music, good drinks!!!  Sounds like a blast to me!!!

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Terry said...

Sounds like you had an absolutely lovely holiday weekend. It could have only gotten better if you could have enjoyed some fireworks. (at least, imho. lol)