Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wet Weekend...Just a little late

I'm a little late posting this update.  But that is because I wanted to post this:

I finished China Blue (or Purple)!!  I fnished it on Monday evening.  I'm excited to have another finish.  I was starting to feel like I'd have very few accomplishments this year!!!  Now I just have to figure out how I am going to "finish" it.  Any suggestions?

The Weekend
This weekend was a rainy, wet one!!!  But it provided me the opportunity to catch up on some stitching projects and reading!!!

I started a new book, a little while ago, that is HUGE.  I think it has over 800 pages.  It is Diana Gabaldon's book, An Echo in the Bone.  It's part of a series that I've been reading for years!!!  In fact, it takes her years to put out a book.  But I've been spending the summertime evenings out on my balcony, relaxing in the quietness of nature (if you call birds chirping and squirrels running across the rails as quiet), reading a few pages of my book!  But with the rain, I wasn't able to do that this weekend so I read indoors.  I'm typically a fairly fast reader.  However, with her books, there is so much detail, I try to slow things down so I haven't even made it to the 100 page mark yet!

Friday night I got to spend some quality time with my friend Bart.  Between our schedules, we just never seem to be able to find that time where we are both free.  Lots of texts and phone calls but no face-to-face time. Between my work and his work, army drill, and kids, there doesn't seem to be much time at all!  So, Friday night I was able to meet up with him, at his office!, for a chat before he heads off to Houston this week for surgery on his back.  Army duty has taken its toll on him and it is time to get it fix!  We are both hoping for a speedy recovery so we can find sometime this summer to spend together!

Friday at lunch my dad gave me a call.  He tells me "You go to those fancy supermarkets, right?"  He was talking about Whole Foods and the local fruit/vegetable stands, lol.  I said, "yes, why?"  He asked me to find him a horseradish.  Not the sauce, the actual radish that the stuff is made from.  Sounds hard, right?  Not really.  I had to replenish my stock of Diet Dr. Pepper on Saturday morning so I went to the local grocery store before heading off to the "fancy supermarkets".  There it was, in the very small section of organic foods.  Ugly looking thing!!!  And expensive too!  $4.99/pound!!!  So I picked up one root, I didn't know how much he needed and my dad happily prepared two crocks of horseradish sauce for himself on Sunday.  Its a fairly easy process, you peel the "bark" off the root, shred the root, and add salt and vinegar.  That's it.  Who knew? 

I caught up on all my DVR'd shows.  Including the new series "Happy Town".  I watched the first 3 episodes only to get to the end of the 3rd episode to hear them say, "Stay tuned to future episodes."  But it didn't say when!!!  No episode this week!  How irksome!!!!  By the 2nd episode I was starting to get invested!!!  I also watched a very bad film that I chose on Netflix because it was recommended.  It was called "Sex and Death 101".  Winona Ryder is in it.  Don't get it.  It is just BAD!!!!  It is about a man who receives an email right before he is to be married.  The email consists of a list of 101 women that he has slept with and will sleep with.  He breaks off the engagement and proceeds to find all the women on the list that he hasn't slept with.  Yep, thankfully it was an hour and a half of my life that I wasted!

Ok, I am off to figure out which project I am going to either start or pick back up on.  There are just so many choices!!!


Emily said...

Your finish is great (I LOVE purple) I would frame it, I believe you said before it was for a friend, or maybe a wall hanging. That was a great story about horseradish, I would have never know. Can't wait to see what you start next.

Kelly said...

Love it and you picked my favourite colour too lol.

Carolyn NC said...

Your finish looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely finish, how about a flat-fold?


Joy said...

Love the finish!! I think the purple is just perfect!

Katrien said...

your china 'purple' is gorgeous! I absolutely love it :)

Sharon said...

So pretty!

Meari said...

Congrats on your finish. It turned out beautifully. I think I watched that "bad" movie... along time ago.