Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Best Friends & Sister

Another non-stitchy update!

I am back from my 3rd convention this year!!!  I am pooped!!  But it was probaby one of the best experiences I've had.  I was at a casino supporting one of our newest association coordinators as she put on her first convention.  I have to say she is an absolute pleasure to work with!!  She is hard working, smart, and WANTS to do the work. 

The resort that we were at, L'Auberge du Lac, was pretty nice.  It is a casino resort.  I'm not a big gambler but the pool area is well worth the visit to this resort!!!  It is absolutely gorgeous!!!  It even has a lazy river!!! This will definitely be worth going to during the summer for a "girls only weekend".

It has been quite tough the past few days.  Starting on Saturday when I received a text message (yep, that's right, a text message) from someone I thought was a friend cutting off the friendship.  I respected the text and did not respond back since it was pretty clear that he no longer wanted any contact.  However, for some reason, he felt the need to follow that up the next day with an email that was just hurtful and mean.  Once again, I did not respond to it.  But then, to top it all off, he decided to have his girlfriend email me too.  I guess my respecting his decision and not responding to anything was just not good enough.  I finally broke down and sent a text message asking him to please respect me enough to stop all communication since that was his wish. 

Anyway, I'm not very upset about the whole situation. In fact, I am relieved. In the back of my head, I knew it was coming.  So, I'm not hurt.  But I am upset at the way that he and his girlfriend attempted to intimidate me AFTER I complyed with his request.  One thing I learned from this situation was the fierce protectiveness that my friends and sister have for me.  It was so nice when several of my friends and my sister asked if they could "beat them up" for me.  LOL!!!  I really do pity the person who attempts to take advantage of me or is hurtful to me in anyway because I really think that they may not "survive"!!!  Yikes!!! :) Although I do think that my sister has lived in Texas too long!!  Her question was "who can she shoot."  Those Texans and their guns!!!

So thank you to my Jill, Jeannie, and my sister, Lisa!!!  Ya'll are the best and I love ya'll so very much!!!  But I am good.  I am better than good, I am going to be great because the trash is finally out of my life!!! 

Now I hope to move on with the good in my life.  Work is going to be tough for a while as unfortunately my office mate is out indefinitely on bed rest.  She is newly pregnant and recently suffered from a hemmorhage.  The baby is fine but she is on bedrest.  Until we know when she might be back (or if) I am going to be juggling a lot of duties!!!  I wish her all the best and a speedy recovery!!!  But summer is blooming around here and I can't wait to spend some relaxing time at the pool!!!  Who wants to come?  :)

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Shelley said...

It's sad when grown adults have to act so childish...

Cheer up, call in sick the rest of the week, and stitch the days away...lol!!