Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hopes for May

I hope that May is a month full of surprises and good things.  A new beginning for me as it is the beginning of my 35th year. That's right, I am 35 years old at the end of the month.  I still feel as foolish as I did at age 18. 

I am starting this month off with heart ache.  But I am hopeful that it doesn't end that way.  That which does not break me (and no man will ever break me) will only make me stronger and wiser.  That's right, Chief Ronnie B, you WILL NOT break me.  You may turn your back on me but I am the better person (ok, not so much right here but it is my blog) and I will not go about spilling your secrets, no matter how tempted I am!!!!

Good thing is that work keeps me very busy.  I leave tomorrow for my 3rd convention this year. 3rd!!!  I typically only work 2 conventions.  This is the 3rd association that I am helping with.  Not sure how this one will be as I have never attended it before.  But it is being held at a casino resort and I've heard that it is very nice and I am looking forward to seeing that for myself.  I'm also looking forward to the overtime!!!  I've got some financial goals I am looking to hit!!!!  I have, definitely, one more convention after this to work.  But there is still a lot of year left so who knows what will happen! HR has told new hires that we hit 100 hours of overtime a year.  I've NEVER hit that before, but I think I might get near 75 hours this year!!!

I'm so happy that summer time is here.  Time spent on my balcony, at the pool, at the park.  Time spent outdoors!  I love the sun, even though I don't like getting sweaty.  Yeah, I know, I live down South, it is pretty much  mandatory that one sweats 9 months out of 12.

Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes.  Or so I've been told.  :)  I'm going to try that.  I'm looking at this as a new beginning.  A spring cleaning of "life".  I loathe when it happens but there are times when it must.

I hope to have more "happy" postings of friends, summertime activities, books read and cross stitch projects. 

If you read this post, thank you so much for bearing with me! I appreciate all my readers!

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