Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Update

No Expectations
This weekend was one where I was not expected anywhere and there was no one visiting!  It was a nice, quiet weekend!  I liked it!!!

I love Halloween!  It's my favorite holiday.  This Sunday, my mom and I went to purchase my nephew Parker's halloween costume.  This year, he is going to be Darth Vader.  Yep, the villain from Star Wars.  It's what he wanted! 

Typically we also get my niece Marly her costume.  However, today she informed me that she wants to "make" her costume.  Meaning, she wants a homemade costume. SHE wants to do it.  I'm all for it.  It's the kind of costumes I grew up with.  I did make sure to let her know, she can change her mind at any time.

Also did some Halloween shopping today.  I got a really cool spider web to hang in the patio door!  I'm thinking that for night time, I am going to get some orange or purple lights to go around it! 

This weekend I managed to get some stitching in while watching all of the many football games going on!  I worked on Dragon Knot mostly.  I managed to finish the SIXTH page!!! Yay!

A friend of mine asked me about the back of the project.  How "neat" it should look.  Well, just for her, here is the back of Dragon Knot:

Not so very neat is it?  However, with this particular pattern there are a ton of confetti stitches!!!!

Besides the shopping and stitching, not much went on.  Did some cleaning and laundry.  Ran over to a friend's apartment a couple of times to feed the cats while she is away.  Watched football of course.  The Tigers managed to pull out a win and move up in the rankings to #4. Just hope it can last!!!!

Not ready for work of course.  But is anyone really?  Lots to do in a short week!  I am taking off, crossing fingers, on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully I will survive until then!!!

Have a good week!


Gabi said...

Your dragon knot looks spectacular as always. My backs are no neater either. With all these confetti stitches it's just looking like that. I don't even try to make the back look like the front.

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on finishing the sixth page! And your back looks pretty good to me!

Sadie said...

Well done on finishing page six! It looks so beautiful!

Katrien said...

Congrats on finishing another page, it looks great. And the back looks pretty good to me too!
Katrien - ILCS

Rene la Frog said...

the "Knot" is coming along great...nice progress. I can't wait to start decorating for Halloween.

Shelley - ILCS said...

Dragon Knot is looking so awesome. I love the halloween spider web you got. I think the colored lights would be excellent for at night.

Meari said...

I have that SAME spider web from when my nieces/nephew were little! Your WIP looks great. I'm glad you chose to finish it.

Nancy M said...

Dragon Knot looks great. It really has great colors and such detail!!!