Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

Ah work!  How I loathe it!  Just when I thought it was going to get better, WHAM!!!!!  Hit over the head with a 2x4!  I have one of the most clueless, ignorant bosses!!!  It is positively depressing.  If I could, I would quit right this instant.  If I knew I could support myself working at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, I would be there in an instant filling out an application for employment!!!! But that's not really a good idea, because I would probably just end up spending my paycheck there!

Dancing with the Stars
It's that time again!  Dancing with the Stars!  I sit down to watch these dancing pros and their partners and I wish that I could look as graceful as the pro (because the actor/D list celebrity is just absolutely terrible!).

I have to say that the men on Monday night really did not impress me.  I did like Donnie Osmond's performance, but he's been performing FOREVER!  He sort of has an asset in that!

The women I believe were MUCH better than the men!  Mya was beautiful and elegant doing the waltz.  But the suprise was Kelly Osborn!  I really expected to hear *bleep* *bleep* throughout her conversation, but didn't!  And her dance was just so good!  It was definitely a pleasant surprise.  I think that I have found who I will be rooting for in this season!

I've done some stitching on Dragon Knot. I know, I've been promising an udpated picture. Sorry!  I've been lazy!  Plus it has been raining which when there isn't enough natural light in the apartment doesn't take very good pictures! I know, excuses, excuses, excuses! I also need to work on some Christmas presents.  It's probably why I am so tense, I'm not taking time out for myself! 

That's enough for tonight!  Only 3 more days of work!  Tomorrow I MUST remember to purchase a lottery ticket!  Can't win if you don't buy a ticket!


Chiloe said...

At least, you will get the employee discount at Michael's !!! lol

Tammy said...

I don't watch the dancing shows--but I wait all year for American Idol to start again. And the only reason I'll watch this year is for the finale show when Adam Lambert comes back for a performance! Sorry you have an asshat for a boss--I think we've all been there. That's when I adjust what I like to call "my give-a-crap factor". It goes way down when I have an asshat for a boss, lol.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope things get better for you at work!