Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend in Houston

I arrived in Houston on Thursday. Met the new baby Cassady and then off to the LNS, 3 Stitches. I picked up two Dinky Dye patterns with floss and some fabric. I could have spent so much more but I restrained myself.

Other than going to the LNS, the point of the trip was to meet my new niece and to spend Marly's birthday with her.

Friday the kids were off. In the morning Marly and I headed to the mall to do her birthday shopping. We left so early, at the request of her mom, that the mall wasn't open. So we went to Sonic and had French Toast Sticks and talked! We went to several shops in the mall but ended up in a store near her house, Justice for Girls. She picked out a brand new outfit to wear for her birthday on Saturday. That afternoon I took Marly and Parker to lunch and then we got some ice cream and went to the park to eat it and play. We ran around the playground playing chase. There was some excitement when one of the dogs escaped the house and I, along with their grandmother went chasing after the dog. We were so irritated. She ran faster and faster. Finally, the only reason we caught up with her was because the dang dog tired out.

Saturday, being Marly's birthday, we went to the Movie Tavern for the 9 am showing of Hannah Montana. They have a special where you pay for the movie and all you can eat flapjacks (pancakes). It was a cool thing to do. The movie was cute but kind of long. We then went to the tea room for lunch where Marly (and Cassady too) tried on hats. We then spent the afternoon at home opening up presents and then had a barbecue. The night ended with us all watching Bedtime Stories (ok, I must admit, I didn't last the whole movie! lol)

I stayed long enough Sunday morning to see what the Easter bunny had brought and to watch the kids hunt eggs several times. There was severe weather forecasted for the Houston weather and the Baton Rouge area so I left by 10 a.m. It took me forever to get home!!! The rain was so bad, combined with the wind, that you couldn't see anything. So frustrating. But now I am home, but in an empty apartment! Duke is at the boarder till tomorrow afternoon! I can't wait for him to get home!


CindyMae said...

What awesome photos!!! It looks like you had a fantastic time and I am so glad that you did.

Maureen said...

Looks like you had a great time - it's so good catching up with family when you don't get to see them too often - love the way you did the photos..