Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Heart & Soul

Here's a picture of one of the pieces to my heart & soul. This is my little man, Parker. He is feeding his new baby sister, Cassady Hope. I can't wait till I get to Houston this week to see him, Marly Grace and Cassady. These kids are my life. And with all the confusion in my life right now, I need some time with just my kids and the simplicity of their lives!

I watched Casablanca last night for the first time. I'll admit it, I'm very behind on watching some of the top classic movies. I just watched Godfather within the past year! Anyway, the movie was interesting. I'm not going to say it's my favorite but it did bring up some interesting questions that apply to my life! Are there really people out there that are so selfless that they would let the person they love go knowing that it is the right thing to do? I honestly don't know if I, or anyone I know, is that strong that they could let the one person in the world who completes them to just walk away. Or not even walk away, Humphrey Bogart's character sent the love of his life away!
I need to get some stitching done today! I am behind on a few projects that I am so close to wrapping up! Off I go!


jessneal said...

What a wonderful big brother! I hope you get to see everybody soon!

CindyMae said...

That is such a sweet picture that is just priceless! Hope you get to see your kids soon!