Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fourth of July Weekend

I spent this fourth of July weekend in Houston. I stayed with some friends of mine. It was fun. Was able to catch up with them, spend some time with the kids and get some shopping in.

Saturday was spent just going to the mall and to a cross stitch store. The cross stitch store was absolute heaven to me. It had every pattern book you could imagine and all the items necessary to complete each project . I was quite happy. I also saw the movies The Devil Wears Prada and Superman. I highly recommend seeing The Devil but Superman, it's best to wait till DVD. It's a very long movie (2.5 hours) and slow in many places. Although it did have a interesting twist in it. Definitely leaving it open for additional movies.

Sunday I did something I haven't done in years. We all went to the water park. That was fun. I have to admit that was a lot of fun. More than I thought it would be. Yep, I sure did go down those slides! Tried most of them at least once. It wasn't sunny at all so I didn't get sun burnt, which was very nice.

Monday I went to Ikea with some friends of mine who were also in Houston for the weekend. We spent 4 hours in the store just looking at everything. There are so many items for the home. It made me want to buy a home of my own and then I came to my senses when I realized all the responsibility involved. Like mowing the grass. Why would I ever want to do that just to be able to decorate any way I wanted to?

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