Monday, July 17, 2006


I’ve never been one to be extremely creative. I can’t draw, I can’t paint, I can’t write. I do have a good imagination. However, to translate that into something that is artsy is another story.

I do cross stitch but what’s hard about that? You pick a picture you like, buy the pre-determined materials and you sew it based off of a pattern. Yes, you have a pretty picture at the end that you can either frame, make a pillow out of, or perhaps even a blanket, but it’s still very structured.

Then you have scrapping. Everything about it just screams creativity. Everything that I am not. And yet, for some mysterious reason, I’ve been bitten by the scrapping bug. I have yet to produce an actual page yet, but I am currently enjoying buying the paper and other items needed to produce it! I have so many pictures that I have never done anything with that has so much potential for really fun pages.

It’s a little overwhelming though. Where does one start? You come to a time when you have all the supplies needed, you have gathered all the pictures, then what? What is it that you do with it all? How do you put it all together so that you just don’t have a bunch of nonsense on one page?

To be continued……

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