Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Dentist

The dreaded dentist. Yep, I had to visit the dentist today. It was pure misery for me. Ok, so I made most of it up in my mind and it wasn't that bad, but still, just the thought of the dentist sends shivers up my spine!

This past weekend while in Houston, I noticed this hole in my back tooth. That's right, a hole. I knew that wasn't right. I figured that the one filling in my mouth (and I couldn't remember which tooth that was in) had fallen out. Well after visiting the dentist today, I find that I have broken a wisdom tooth.

Now why do I still have my wisdom teeth? Because I have this aversion to pain. They never bothered me so I never thought it was necessary to have them removed. Well, now I have to have two removed. My two upper wisdom teeth. The dentist said I have some time before I need to do my bottom two but that eventually I will need to have it done. Yippee!

So now I have "surgery" scheduled for July 21st! My mommy is going to drive me and take care of me! I just hope that nothing goes wrong. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Of course I have two whole weeks to make myself sick with fear! Damn overactive imagination!


randommoments said...

Be careful, I'd bring pepper spray with you. I hear of horror stories where dentists take your entire mouth of teeth and sell them on the black market.

Romantic Fool said...

You are not helping! Aren't you just such a sweet and caring friend?

randommoments said...

I am a sweet friend. Sweet friends warn their loved ones of terrible things that could happen.

I might blog about that...