Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Time for changes. I'm actually ready to embrace some change.

Seems that all aspects of my life is getting a "cleaning". Down two friends this week. One cause I cared too much. The other cause I didn't care enough. In their opinions. In mine, I was the best friend I could be to them. For what I was getting out of the relationships, I was giving way more than I could afford.

I'm sad to have lost them from my life but I've learned that you can't fix something that doesn't want to be fixed. There's always going to be something wrong.

This is a first for me. To acknowledge that I can't fix it. Loathe that! Feels like I'm giving up.

Positive though are the friends that I have good relationships that are getting better! My friend Stacy, knowing that I am feeling blue, getting my nephew to call me for same FaceTime. Love, love, love that.

I'm made some changes here on the old blog. New title. New description. Eventually, when I get to it, a new layout too.

I've been sick for so long that I am ready to be well, get back on the health track!!!

Looking forward to the next few weekends in New Orleans. I'm happy to be busy right now but am fearful of when things slow down. Slow = time to think = trouble but til then I'll enjoy the adventures heading my way!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

So confusing…

We were always taught that January was a winter month. A time for sweaters, hot cocoa, fires, coats, etc. So why is it 74 degrees, shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and the AC is on? The weather is crazy!!! In fact, on Tuesday it will be close to 80 degrees!

While it was a beautiful spring weekend, I spent most of it inside. Sick…again. Ugh!!! This time fever and sore throat. It was off and on, the fever. Very frustrating. I need to get well. The next two weekends are going to be packed with lots of potential fun!!!

I didn't sit around all weekend and wallow in sickness. I can't seem to do that. Probably why it takes me so long to get better!

I did get some cleaning done around the apartment. Bought a new shirt, New Orleans Saints, to wear next weekend. Put in a lot of stitches in my HAED Peacock. Started watching the first season of Downton Abbey (which I absolutely adored). Started the book Beautiful Creatures.

And for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to make homemade applesauce. Took me FOREVER to peel, core and chop 12 apples!!! It is a simple recipe. 12 apples, a tablespoon of water, and a teaspoon of cinnamon. All cooked down in a crock pot. But it was definitely yummy!!! But from now on, I think I'll just buy it from the store!!

Also tried another new recipe for a southwestern casserole. Layering tortillas with a yummy black bean mixture, salsa and cheese. The best part of it is that it is only 290 calories a serving. Probably less since I used fat free cheese. Sided with a salad, it made quite a yummy dinner!

Can not wait for Saturday! Hoping to get into the recording of CMT's Crossroads with Rascal Flatts and Journey. Looking more forward to Journey than Rascal Flatts. Also hoping to see some celebrities down in the Quarter. The list of appearances is a mile long with the Super Bowl in town!!

I hope to have some pictures of our adventures next time!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello Sun!

Oh how I missed the sun! He decided to finally come out on Thursday. I believe the last time I ad seen him was just prior to New Year's? I'm not sure. It was so long ago and I was beginning to think I was going to have to build an ark!

I was finally able to take the trash out without swimming to the dumpster. Take down the garland that decorated the balcony. Duke has been able to go out for a walk and has been napping on the balcony soaking up the sun!!

I am finally feeling better. Only coughing occasionally. I've been able to finally get up and start getting the apartment organized. Soooo much to do!!! Kind of overwhelming!

Made a pot of cinnamon apple raisin steel cut oatmeal for breakfast for the week. Tried out a recipe for a Tex Mex Chicken Salad for lunch this week. Dinners? Still clueless. I have a ton in the freezer though, so not worried.

Had a new HAED start for the new year. I am doing Peacock in Full Bloom for my bedroom. Started it last Sunday and have already finished one page. Yay!!! I hope this can be finished pretty quickly. I love the colors. If I could find the time to work on it every day, I might finish it quickly.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Good bye 2012…hello, bronchitis???

2013 is not exactly starting off the way I wanted. It has been spent divided between the bed and the couch. I have acute bronchitis. I haven't had that since college!! I used to get it a lot as a kid but thought I had maybe outgrown it. Guess not. But I do wonder, how many times can a person blow their nose and not blow out brain material??? I mean come on, how many boogers can one possess?

The worst part is the lack of energy. A shower sends me back to the couch for a rest. Trying to take down the decorations from Christmas is taking FOREVER! So frustrating.

So, not much has been accomplished this first week of the year. I have, however, discovered the series Sons of Anarchy. Completed the first 2 seasons and now working on season 3. This show is AWESOME! Not something I would typically watch but I can't stop watching!

It's amazing how big the apartment looks with all the Christmas decorations down! But now it is time to think about Mardi Gras. I do believe it is time to make a new wreath for the door!! Sunday was the official start of Mardi Gras. Woo hoo! Plans are already in motion for fun times!

I've been doing some stitching. Of course since I was pretty much planted on the couch I had to do some stitching! Worked on the Snow White until I had a little incident with some cocoa and had to stop and wash it. Then I moved on to HAED Queen of Hearts.

It was back to work today. I am so far behind on my projects. I worked straight through lunch and worked extra. So now I'm exhausted and been fussed at by my mom and sister for pushing it too much. But it has to get done!!! Lots going on this week!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone rang in the new year with family and/or friends!

I had a great evening with friends. Food! Conversations! Laughs! Smiles! Fireworks!

New Year's Day was spent on the couch, resting. Woke up feeling under the weather. Or maybe i matched the weather? Rainy and icky all day long. I just felt icky all day. So Duke and I relaxed all day on the couch. Watched a whole lot of nothing on tv.

Time for resolutions!!

1. Find a bigger place to live! I am looking forward to that!! Either a house, town home or even just a bigger apartment.
2. Get organized. I've started to work on the kitchen. Then I'll move on to the other rooms. Need to make room.
3. Keep on working on my financial situation. Pay off more debts. Save more!

I do believe those are my top 3. I have other things in mind but not ready to write them down.

Here are some of our pictures from New Year's Eve: