Saturday, January 05, 2013

Good bye 2012…hello, bronchitis???

2013 is not exactly starting off the way I wanted. It has been spent divided between the bed and the couch. I have acute bronchitis. I haven't had that since college!! I used to get it a lot as a kid but thought I had maybe outgrown it. Guess not. But I do wonder, how many times can a person blow their nose and not blow out brain material??? I mean come on, how many boogers can one possess?

The worst part is the lack of energy. A shower sends me back to the couch for a rest. Trying to take down the decorations from Christmas is taking FOREVER! So frustrating.

So, not much has been accomplished this first week of the year. I have, however, discovered the series Sons of Anarchy. Completed the first 2 seasons and now working on season 3. This show is AWESOME! Not something I would typically watch but I can't stop watching!

It's amazing how big the apartment looks with all the Christmas decorations down! But now it is time to think about Mardi Gras. I do believe it is time to make a new wreath for the door!! Sunday was the official start of Mardi Gras. Woo hoo! Plans are already in motion for fun times!

I've been doing some stitching. Of course since I was pretty much planted on the couch I had to do some stitching! Worked on the Snow White until I had a little incident with some cocoa and had to stop and wash it. Then I moved on to HAED Queen of Hearts.

It was back to work today. I am so far behind on my projects. I worked straight through lunch and worked extra. So now I'm exhausted and been fussed at by my mom and sister for pushing it too much. But it has to get done!!! Lots going on this week!!!

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