Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Turning that frown upside down

Wasn't feeling particularly up beat the last few days and took it out on my hair on Saturday. I chopped it to above my shoulders. Although it'll be much easier to take care of, I'm feeling a little naked!

Did a little shopping, which I typically can not stand to do. But this time, it gave me a thrill. Everything I bought was one dress size smaller!!! I was so happy!! I've been working on this weight loss for just over 5 months now. 25 pounds, one dress size down.

Hung out with one of my favorite people, Jenny, and her family at Bass Pro. It was family fun day so we rode the carousel, painted a snake and went fishing. Somehow I pulled fishing duty. Jenny didn't want to be near the grubs they were using as bait plus she said it smelled. :/

Carousel at Bass Pro

Teaching them young to shoot! Little marines in training!

No pool time. Busy busy busy. Plus the rain factor. Getting a little bit tired of all the rain. The only good thing from the rain is I haven't had to water the plants.

Cooked a broccoli cheese quiche over the weekend. It had a brown rice crust. It was yummy!! It was my first time making it so of course I would add some things to spice it up. But for a first attempt, 2 thumbs up!!

Got to talk to my big brother this weekend. It has been over 6 months. We had a falling out but are now making our way back to each other. It made my entire weekend.

I started this post this past weekend.  It really was a good weekend.  Unfortunately the week has not been so kind to me.  Unexpectedly last night my Aunt Vera passed away.  Well, unexpected to me as I wasn't aware of the severity of her condition.  She had surgery over a week ago and had ben in ICU.  I was told that her recovery was just going slow.  But her condition rapidly deterioated yesterday.  My mother and father are home with the family to support them in this sad time.  I unfortunately will not be able to make the funeral that is scheduled for this Friday as I already had a vacation scheduled to start next Thursday.  But I'll be there soon enough with my family. 

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