Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflection of the Past Year

Let me start off with that I hope that everyone had a marvelous and wonderful Christmas!  Mine was perfect!  Spent it with my parents and my little sister.  After the year that we've had, it was nice that our family was together!

I went back to my post at the end of last year to see how well, or not so well, I did on my goals!

Life Goals:
1. Pay off another debt. I was really good this past year and managed to pay off 2! I hope this year to do the same! Hmmmm, I didn't get another debt paid off.  BUT I did make progress to eliminating some debt! 

2. Put money away in savings! This wasn't exactly accomplished in 2009 so hope to improve upon it this year! Another one not quite accomplished.  While I am ending the year with more in savings than I started the year off, I belive that I did make some progress.

3. Get a passport. I just think this is something I should have. What if I want to go on a cruise or go to Mexico? Need one for those these days! Didnt' happen!  LOL

4. Find a new place to live. Be it a new apartment or maybe a new home that I purchase. Ok, let's not get crazy! Buying a home is a HUGE commitment. Not sure if I am mature enough for that yet! :) Also didn't happen!  My lease goes through April.  Depending on the job situation, I may or may not renew because you just can't beat the rent that I am currently paying!

5. Be open to new things. Be it love, a career change, a move to a new city/state. Whatever it is, I want to be more open to the change! Oh, I was more open!  The jury is still out on whether or not it was a good move.  I made a career change in 2010.  It's been difficult and stressful needless to say.  This one is definitely going to stay on for next year's list!

Stitching Goals:
1. To not buy any new patterns. (Now if someone else buys it for me, I won't turn it down!) I did pretty good.  I only bought one new pattern and that was for a biscornu.  I haven't started it yet but I hope to one day!

2. To buy only stash needed to complete patterns I currently have! Did very well on this.  The amount of stash bought was just the bare minimum.  Usually just thread that I didn't already have!

3. Finish Cassady's baby quilt. Yep, I was BAD about this one.  Oh well, she does have a birthday coming up in March.  I'm thinking it will need to be done by then!

4. Finish Jason's new baby (not born yet) baby quilt. Baby Brendan was born on May 26 (the day after my birthday).  He still does not have a baby quilt but I did stitch him a cute froggy baby bib! 

5. Finish HAED's Dragon Knot (that's an ambitious one!) Didn't finish.  After the year I had with the person that it was originally intended for, I tucked it away for a while.  But I have to admit that I lately I have been itching to get it back out to finish!

6. Finish 1 page of HAED's Mad Tea Party This was accomplished!  Woo hoo!  It was difficult as I am stitching it 2 over 1.  This is my "experiment" piece.  My niece is very anxious for this one to be finished.  I have a feeling she will be waiting for it for a long time!

7. Finish 1 page of HAED's Queen of Hearts This piece is for me (hopefully!).  I did accomplish this also!  Yay!   In fact, I'm currently sewing on this one and have started the 2nd page.  It's almost 25% done. 

8. Complete Nora Robert's Corbett's 'M' This piece is also for me.  I didn't even get around to kitting it up!  Maybe I will do that on New Year's.  It will give me for incentive to get it done!

I think that I did pretty good for the year!  While some goals weren't completed, at least I feel that progress was made.  The important thing is to keep moving forward! 

This year was a tumultous one!  Lost some good friends this year due to disputes but also gained some good friends!  Some of our beloved family members passed away this year due to illness but are now in a better place!  My sister gave me the greatest scare of my life this year but we are all stronger because of it!  A brand new nephew was born!  My best friend had her third daughter this year!  Life isn't perfect but there is so much to be thankful for!

I'll be working on my list of goals for 2011 and hope to have that up very soon!


Shelley said...

Happy New Year to you.

I plan on posting my Goals for 2011. But, I need to voice them outloud to make sure they are realistic first.

Blu said...

I can't believe you bought only one chart this year!
Kudos on all the work on your goals.

And I think you mean Nora *Corbett* Last I checked the great NR hadn't moved into cross stitch! ;)