Monday, November 22, 2010

Last weekend before the holidays!

This past weekend was the last weekend before the holidays begin!  And although at the moment I don't have much planned, I know that it will be a busy time through the New Year!

Arts & Crafts Fair
On Friday afternoon, I attended an annual arts & crafts fair at a local high school.  I went with a friend of mine and we had a good time looking and visiting but I really do not know why I go to these things!  I go through each booth saying "I could do that" "I can make that" but of course I don't!! But because I have those thoughts, I rarely if ever buy anything.  The only thing I bought at this fair was the cinnamon sugar pecans!  Yummy! 

Football season is slowly winding down.  LSU is 10 and 1 and only has 1 more game before the bowl game.  It is impossible for us to get to the SEC championship game.  Unless of course Alabama manages to beat Auburn this Friday, then maybe?  I'm not sure.  But without football what shall there be?  Oh yeah, baseball starts in February!  (Our basketball team is still "rebuilding" and not so good).

The rumors are circulating as to what bowl game we will end up in.  According to my father (and he's always right or so it seems) they will be headed to the Cotton Bowl.  Although that is now held in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, I'm not really happy about that.  Of course I think we should be in the BCS championship!  The Sugar Bowl will try to avoid taking us if they can since we are pretty much in their backyard and it means less tourist dollars for New Orleans.  The Sugar Bowl is never happy when LSU comes to town.  We buy the tickets just no need to stay in the hotels!

Christmas Gifts
I am acutally way ahead this year!  I set a goal of buying all gifts by December 1 and I think I am on track.  I only have 2 more gifts to buy and the two that remain are turning out to be my toughest to get.  I don't want to just settle on something but that may be what happens!

I plan on pulling out the decorations either Friday or Saturday.  Probably Saturday as I traditionally decorate while watching the LSU Arkansas game!  I will have to do some  cleaning this week though to make room for my tree.  I have a little apartment and I don't have a lot of room to put up a tree.

Duke is doing well, or so it seems!  I am supposed to watch him for behaviorial changes.  Does eating count as a behaviorial change?  He ate very little before being put on this medication and now he eats all the time!  Will I now end up with a little butterball?  Hopefully not.  He still runs around like a little maniac and likes to play.  I hope that will counteract all the extra calories he is now eating.

New Kids on the Block
Yes, I admit it.  I am a NKOTB fan!  Yes, I did watch them on the American Music Awards last night (along with the performance by my all-time favorite Bon Jovi!).  NKOTB has currently joined with the Backstreet Boys for a concert tour.  As of last night, they had only announced 7 dates, most of them in Canada BUT today an announcement came out with a bunch more dates.  They are coming to our area!  Yay!  My friends and I are already on top of this and planning our trip to Lafayette to see the concert! 

Mad Tea Party
In my quest to complete another stitching goal for this year, I've been working on HAED's Mad Tea Party.  I am so close to finishing this one page!  I really want to get it done so I can scratch it off the list and not carry it over to next year!


After 1 week


Nancy M said...

Excellent progress on your HAED. The only craft show I go to anymore is held in 3 ice arena's and surrounding hallways. It's HUGE and mostly professional crafters. I love seeing the new things they come up with and always come home with neat gifts!

Faerie said...

The stitching is looking great. I love this chart but not sure if I love it enough to buy it. I will watch your progress to see how amazing it turns out!

Carissa said...

Tea Party is looking good Mel! I'm the same way about craft fairs too, but I admit I enjoy going and looking at the very least.