Sunday, March 07, 2010

What a Mess!!!

Week in Review
Blegh!  That is how I would describe this past week.  Work SUCKED!!!  I am doing someone else's work and it is literally ticking me off and making me ill!!!  I typically am pretty good at leaving work at work.  NOT this week!!!  I have literally made myself sick this week from stress!!!!  Have driven myself to the point where I am crazier than normal!!!  Upon the completion of the work week, I went home and was sick.  Fever, chills, aches, puking.  Yep, made myself sick from stress.  And that really ticked me off!  It was the first pretty spring weekend and I was sick!!!! I need to make some changes!  Not sure what, but something has to change!!!  Especially with this upcoming week.  It will be another stressful long week but I can't continue to feel the way I do physically!!!

Started to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic on Saturday night.  I made it through about 30 minutes before turning it off.  Didn't like the book, don't like the movie!

I was up at 2 am on Sunday morning.  Part of the whole being sick thing and the only thing on tv was the Blair Witch Project 2.  Even at 2 am, and with a fever, this movie is just BAD!!!!

Dragged myself to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D for my friend's birthday today.  I highly recommend this movie!!!  I LOVED IT!!!  I think the story was a great adaptation and Johnny Depp is just yummy!!!!  The 3D glasses didn't really bother me.  Although I could tell that my eyes were quite tired by the end of the movie!!!

While at the movies I saw the movie poster for the new Nightmare on Elm Street!!!  Very excited.  It is opening on April 30!!  I know I will have to see it alone but that's ok!  I've accepted that I have to watch my horror movies alone!!!  :)

Another movie poster I saw was for Ramona and Beezus.  Did anyone read the Ramona Quimby books as a child?  My sister and I loved those books!  Made me smile when I saw the movie poster and my sister was very excited about it when I shared the news with her!!!!  Those were just great books to read!!!

I've worked on 3 projects this week.  Had sort of a rotation going.  We'll see how long it lasts. I'm not really a rotation kind of gal.

The first is, of course, Dragon Knot.  I got a small bit done on it!

The whole picture

The tiny part I am currently working on.

The next is the Mill Hill kit, Olive Oil.  This is being done on perforated paper and I'm kind of enjoying it.  It is definitely an easy stitch!!!

The last one is the baby blanket I am working on.  It is a Mary Engelbreit design of Mother Goose.  The colors on it were what drew me to it.  It has a lot of specialty stitches in it that I don't typically do so I think it may take me a little longer to do and will be a challenge!!!

The section I am currently working on.

Close up of the cow. 

Ok, well I have to end today's post here.  I've made pasta for dinner and Duke is driving me crazy with his begging!!!  I have no clue how he knows pasta has been made but he does and he is annoying me to death with his whine!!!  So off I go to serve us both some pasta!  And to get ready for the Oscars!  I hope this week is a great one!!!


Terri said...

Sorry you had a bad week. Your stitching is beautiful

Shelleen said...

Hope this week is better for you.

Brenda Lou said...

Sorry you had such a crappy week! Hope this week is much better!!

Carolyn NC said...

Hope work has been better - great stitching!