Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh How I've Missed You!!!

Where have you been?  Life has been so drab and dreary without you!!!  When you poked your head out yesterday, it put a smile on my face and warmed my heart!!!  Mr. Sun, please don't go away again!!!!

This has been an absolutely beautiful weekend!  The sun was out. The temps reached the upper 50s and 60s.  Blue skies.  LSU Baseball. It was just great. I spent the weekend mostly at home.  I did get out on Saturday to have my hair cut and color (always makes me feel better) and to run errands.  But other than that, I spent the time at home cleaning, spending time with my pup, and indulging in my hobbies.

I was finally able to get out to the balcony and start cleaning up all the nastiness left from the winter.  Majority of my plants are dead due to the extremely freezing weather we had, but for many of them it was time to go.  So, I cut back and/or dug up many plants and deposited them in the trash!!  I am hoping these warmer temps continue for another week so that I can head to the nursery to get some new flowers/plants to plant next weekend!

I also spent some time doing some cleaning.  I didn't get everything done, but I did get a good bit done.  It was time to take back control!!!  I've been gone so much, my living space has become quite disorganized!!!

I have been stitching some more on Dragon Knot.  But I don't feel that I've made enough progress to post a pic.  While I was in Texas, I did have a new start.  It is a Mill Hill kit and is done on perforated paper.  That's something I have never done.  It's a kit that my Mother picked up when I took her to the LNS one weekend.  She asked if I would do this for their kitchen. This is what it will look like when completed (I haven't taken a progress pic):

I also was able to finally kit up the Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose baby quilt I am going to do.  I loathe kitting up new projects.  I always just want to jump right into stitching. 

Spring is just around the corner and I can't wait.  This winter has really made me more grouchy than I normally am.  Yep, for those who know me, that means I am absolutely unbearable to be around these days!!! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


AFwife99 said...

Glad you got to see the sun finally! I hope it continues to shine for you. Keep up the good stitching!

Nancy M said...

We got sun today too, but high's are in the 30's!!!If you don't want to do that kit on the paper, I used a 28 ct evenweave and it works fine. I did the wine one for our kitchen.