Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working at Convention

So, I am sitting here at the registration desk of the convention.  It is getting near the end of day 2. So far so good.  I've learned two things: 1) librarians are NOT quiet and 2) paint stirring sticks are used as placeholders for books in shelves. 

The convention started on Wednesday, and hopefully not jinxing myself, has been pretty easy.  Monday and Tuesday was a little doubtful as we were putting together materials for the convention.  It took 5 of us working 8 hours a day to get it all done.  That is a total of 80 man hours. We were exhausted. 

Today I am working 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Same for tomorrow.  Most of it is just sitting in front of a computer putting in new registrants and making badges but it is exhausting.  Especially the part of being nice to all these different people.  That is quite a chore for me especially when I do not know someone.  I tend to clam up when presented with new people.  And plus, I'm just generally a very cranky person when I am tired and stressed out!!! Hmmm, I promise that I am not cranky ALL the time.  I do laugh and smile!!!

Only one more day left of convention.  I will hopefully be back in the office on Monday, focusing on my work.  There is another convention next week, my office mate's convention, but I'll just be helping with the putting together of materials and not actually attending the meeting to work it! 

Unfortunately this convention has cut into my stitching time.  Not that I haven't had time in the evening, just that I am so tired that my eyes cross at the sight of 25 count fabric!!!!

I am ready for 6 pm Friday to roll around!  I am looking forward to sleeping, stitching, and gardening this weekend!!!!

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Lorilee said...

I am completely jealous that you get to garden this weekend! I so hope that the snow melts soon so I can get a good look at my flower beds and feel inspired again!
Hope you have a fabulous relaxing weekend after a hectic, long week!