Friday, December 05, 2008

Time is Flying!

Wow! It's December already! Where is the time going! Just last week was Thanksgiving and yet it already feels like it was a month ago!

I was successful in getting my tree up this year already. It's just a little one (4 foot) but it took all last weekend to do because I decided it would be a good idea to rearrange my furniture in my living room so I could put it up in a new spot. Bleh!

Another week of work is done. This week literally flew by. I had such grand intentions when I went into work on Monday and while I did get some things accomplished, I didn't get the main things done! But I'll go in with good intentions once again next week!

This week's weather has been crazy down here! On Tuesday I was scraping ice off of my car's windows. Wednesday we were having a pleasant springy type of day. Thursday was rainy and temperatures dropped drastically from the time we got to work to the time that we got out. Today has been sunny but chilly. I think we are supposed to have a few days in a row that are cold. Which I don't mind, it's the cold one day, hot the next that is killing me!

I have been working on some cross stitch projects and I hope to have some progress photos soon! There's just so much with work, chores at home, Christmas shopping, friends, families, etc. It's a very busy time! I'm hoping to get some relaxing done this weekend along with stitching!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Maureen said...

Your week sounds very similar to mine - one day it's monday then it's saturday, i can vaguely remember inbetween- hope you get your nice relaxing stitchy weekend though, if i can grab a couple of hours of peace i'll be happy!