Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl

Oh what fun we had yesterday, walking around New Orleans to take in the sites!

We took a cab into the Quarter Saturday afternoon. We were dropped off somewhere at the end of Bourbon and we started walking. We stopped at Central Grocery so Jenny could take in the smells of this delicious Italian deli. Off to Margaritaville then for some margaritas (of course) for the start of our exploration.

We walked all around the Quarter. CBS had taken over Jackson Square. We saw Boomer Esiason and some others recording a segment for CBS Sports. ESPN had taken over the parking lots next to Jax Brewery. We saw them recording some segments for SportsCenter.

Verizon sponsored food, music and activities in Woldenberg Park along the riverfront. They had all kinds of yummy goodness going on! Crawfish beignets, fried shrimp, BBQ alligator po-boys, sweet potato pie, pralines and on and on. I didn't eat one thing. But I did have a margarita, a Mardi Gras mash daiquiri and lots of beer.

The Roman numerals was cool to see on the riverfront. They were brought in on a barge. They were HUGE!! Great photo op!

Quick stop at Harrah's for a bathroom break (call me spoiled but I was NOT going to use a port-o-potty when the casino was less than 5 minutes away walking!!!), then on our way to Sugar Mill for the recording of CMT's Crossroads show. A special "live" from the Super Bowl of Rascal Flatts and Journey. They said it was live and it kind of was, it was recorded an hour before being shown. It was fun. Definitely a must do once. Brett Favre did the intro. And we heard Tom Arnold was there. But that venue was packed. We couldn't move they had so many people in there!! So who knows who was there!!

I can't even begin to think how many miles we walked that day!!! Took us forever to find a cab that night to get us home. Josh pretty much had to throw himself in front of one to get us one. But the cab was the definite way to go. Didn't have to worry about who was the designated driver or paying for parking (which at one garage was $50!!!

It was a great night out. Next up is Mardi Gras!

Below are just my pictures from my phone. Josh and Jenny probably have just as many if not more!!

Krewe of CBS Sports

CBS stages in Jackson Square

This is on the Aquarium of the Americas

Jenny in front of one of the ESPN stages

Me in front of the roman numerals on the riverfront

Outside of Manning's

Bud Light built a walk way between the Wyndham and the Riverwalk parking lot

Jenny and I waiting for CMT Crossroads outside of the Sugar Mill

Celebrity Stalking: Jenny was the look out, Josh was the camera man and I was just enjoying the sights.

Cris Carter (guy on the left), had just found out he was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame that day.

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