Saturday, August 25, 2012

My New Creative Outlet

So Jenny, my co-worker, got the great idea to have a girls night out of wreath making.  Of course, this is a Pinterest inspired event!!!  Football season is just around the corner (literally, it starts next weekend), so we gathered together to show our local hometown college support by making wreaths for our doors!  The first picture is a collage of the 4 wreaths we made.  They came out great, in my opinion!  The wine could have been an inspiration! LOL!

This second picture is the one that I made and have finally hung on my door!  I had to go purchase an actual wreath hanger as before I was just using random nails that had been left from previous tenants in the apartment. A nail wasn't quite long enough, nor did I think it could support it.  The wreath isn't really that heavy but, boy is it HUGE!!!

This wreath below is the one that I did for my younger sister.  She, of course, after seeing mine, wanted one for herself.  In fact, I've already been instructed that she wants a Halloween, Christmas and Mardi Gras wreaths.  :/  I guess I'll be busy!!!  I am visiting her next weekend so I told her that we are going to go shopping for some of those wreaths and get them made while I am there!  They are too big and fragile to think about shipping!

I think that my sister's came out better than mine.  But isn't that always the case?  The first is an experiment and as you make more, you get the execution and concepts refined.  I can't wait to work on another one.  Just not sure what the theme will be!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Finish and a Start


Recently I started a new HAED project.  This is Life Force. This picture was taken last weekend and I already have made significant more progress on it since then!  In fact, I am almost done with page 1, off the top of my head I believe that there are over 30 pages in this pattern.  90 different colors. This time around I am putting grid lines on the fabric.  This is really helping me with the confetti stitching.  Typically I just wing it.  But the grid lines are making it go so much faster!


 Here is what the final product will look like:

Here is Dragon Knot 2 in all its glory!  Finally back from the LNS all framed and matted. I think it came out great.  I currently have it hanging in my bedroom till my friend comes to visit in October to claim it in person!
It was a long road to getting this project finished and framed. 


 I've also been working on some other projects that I have not yet taken pictures of.  My friends and I have been delving into the world of mesh wreaths.  I will upload our creations for my next post.  I've also been busy getting all of my stash in order. 

Life has just been really busy these days!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Brothers of the Sun Tour…

Friday night I wen to see the Brothers of the Sun Tour in New Orleans at the Super Dome. It was fantastic! The line up included Jake Owen, Grace Potter, Tm McGraw and Kenny Chesney. All of them were great, except Grace Potter, in my opinion. She just didn't fit in with the rest of the line up. We were initially leary of seeing Tim McGraw again because we saw him last year at the Bayou Country Superfest and he was rather, dull and boring. Ok, we will admit, it might have been us who were suffering from heat stroke by the time he came on, but we were in definite agreement, he was awesome this time around! He had a much better song selection! Kenny Chesney is like the freaking Energizer Bunny! He is all over the place. It is amazing that he can run around like that on the stage AND sing live at the same time.

Jenny and I
Jenny and her mom, Diane
Jenny was making the most of our girls night out!

After the concert I stayed at Jenny's mom's house on the couch.  That's always fun!  I have to admit, her couch is actually quite comfortable, whether sober or drunk!  The fun part is when the kids wake up in the morning at 6:30 am!!!  All I remember is that at one point early in the morning, the youngest managed to escape from his play pen and wonder into the living room to wake me up.  Then I recall every light in the living room coming on early, early because Jenny's husband forgot I was on the couch and was getting ready to head out to drill.  Then when the boys finally got up, I woke up to "Shhhh, don't wake her" being said over and over again!  Ahh kids!

My morning wake up call, Connor
For breakfast we headed to the brand new Panera.  Yay!  We finally have one in the area!  Ok, while this was in New Orleans, we will be getting one sometime soon in Baton Rouge!  So, till then, we can go to the Metairie store!  
Jenny and I at Panera enjoying our iced coffees