Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Finish and a Start


Recently I started a new HAED project.  This is Life Force. This picture was taken last weekend and I already have made significant more progress on it since then!  In fact, I am almost done with page 1, off the top of my head I believe that there are over 30 pages in this pattern.  90 different colors. This time around I am putting grid lines on the fabric.  This is really helping me with the confetti stitching.  Typically I just wing it.  But the grid lines are making it go so much faster!


 Here is what the final product will look like:

Here is Dragon Knot 2 in all its glory!  Finally back from the LNS all framed and matted. I think it came out great.  I currently have it hanging in my bedroom till my friend comes to visit in October to claim it in person!
It was a long road to getting this project finished and framed. 


 I've also been working on some other projects that I have not yet taken pictures of.  My friends and I have been delving into the world of mesh wreaths.  I will upload our creations for my next post.  I've also been busy getting all of my stash in order. 

Life has just been really busy these days!


Kate said...

Dragon Knot looks great framed.
Your new HAED is a stunner, you've made great progress

Anonymous said...

Your new Haed looks wonderful and you made a great start on it =)
Dragon Knot looks just breathtaking!

Maureen said...

Nice choice for your next haed piece - love the dragon all framed up.