Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I have been one lucky girl!  I was off for 9 days straight.  Had a wonderful Christmas.  Spent tons of time with family and friends!

Let's talk vacation.  I actually had off 9 straight days.  At first, I was like, "what will I do with all that time off?"  I managed to fill it with absolutely no problems!  It flew by and here I am, back at work.  Well, at least for half a day.  The days were filled with friends and family.  I think out of those 9, I only had 1 day to myself and that was yesterday, Sunday.  But I have to say, that I actually slept this vacation.  Every night I managed to sleep the entire night through.  For those who know me, you know that I really sleep one night through!  So the best gift this Christmas?  It was the sleep!

My parents, grandparents and Santa went over board on the gifts for me.  I received a ton of kitchen organization things, like containers and shelves, so I can get my kitchen organized.  I received at least a dozen movies from my most wanted list. A much bigger crock pot than I had (I already cooked my first meal in it).  My two younger cousins thought it would be funny to send me a bottle of wine (my sister also got one) and a wine glass to go with it. To them it may have been funny, for me?  It was appreciated.  One can never have enough wine! I also received this super cute LSU watch:

There were numerous dinners to be had with friends.  Two new restaurants were discovered.  One of which was Texas de Brazil.  Yes, it is a chain.  Yes, it serves mostly meat.  But it was good, to my surprise.  Especially since I am not one to eat a lot of meat.  But mostly the company was good!  My mom, my sister, Jenny, her mom and I all had a great meal together. One could simply eat off of the salad bar there are so many things on it!

Very little stitching was done.  I did make some progress on a Snow White I am doing for my youngest niece.  But that was just yesterday since I haven't really had anytime at home.  No stitching gifts were received but I did go to Jo-Ann's yesterday to get some floss for a new project I am going to buy and start in the new year (sale currently going on, 4 skeins for $1.00, plus I had a 15% off my entire purchase coupon, couldn't beat that!).  HAED is currently having a sale and I want to get the following design to do for my bedroom (I've got a peacock theme going on in my bedroom these days, mostly it is the colors!):

I typically do write out my New Year's resolutions and reflect back on the ones that I had chosen for this year.  I'm not going to reflect back this year, because I had many numerous lessons occur that I, hopefully, have finally learned and need not repeat! I will sit down to do resolutions, tomorrow? 

But for now, I need to get some work done, then off to a basketball game, followed by the LSU bowl game, then midnight with some very good friends. 

Happy New Year's!

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